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10 random entries:
22 Apr 2009 “We don’t serve your type here”
The fuss over font embedding.
29 Mar 2010 When Pugs Fly
Aerial canine billboards.
09 Aug 2006 The Evolution of a Name
Even the smallest brands can’t escape from religion and science.
18 Jul 2005 “RAD Framework, Dude!”
Ruby has been on Rails for a while; now Python has Django.
25 Apr 2005 Monty and the Captive Goats
Starting arguments with statistics.
13 Oct 2006 Telephone Number Usability
Death to (0) !
10 Mar 2010 HTML As Native File Format For Word Processing
I know I’d use it.
21 Nov 2004 Viral Advertising
Third-party ad server adds malicious code to The Register.
01 Apr 2005 Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
03 Sep 2010 Inspired By: Old Time Radio
The importance of tone/mood/theme.