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malevolent design weblog

Weblog Shuffle

10 random entries:
01 Nov 2004 “Is It Switched On?”
Introducing the Malevolent Design Weblog.
21 Nov 2005 Analysing Analytics
Giving Google’s new web stats a try.
12 Aug 2005 Flashy Flash 8
New toys to play with from Macromedia.
05 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Getting Really Real
A plan for planning a project.
09 Jul 2006 I Quit!
Giving up the day job to do my own thing.
10 Aug 2006 Childish Games
Do geeky kids still get into programming?
08 Jan 2009 New Year Link Dump
Graves, writing, 404, cars, sounds, cuteness and more.
27 Aug 2005 Inbox Oddities
Web sites are magnets for odd emails.
20 Jan 2010 Point and Shoot
First-person shooter game controllers.
03 Sep 2006 Pastify
Fact: HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer of Pasties.