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10 random entries:
18 Oct 2010 Everyone Wants To Be A Special Snowflake
The selling point of unique.
09 Oct 2006 They’re in my base killing my d00d
Not exactly quaking (sorry) in their boots.
16 Jun 2007 Furtive Fundraising
Appealing to the urge to customise and show off.
11 Nov 2005 Mid-November Link Dump
Questions, lunacy, paranoia, goths, vectors, mafia and cooking.
02 Aug 2007 I Quit!: One Year On
Twelve months of full-time freelancing.
23 Apr 2005 Using Flash’s Local Shared Objects for Good, Not Evil
Add nifty features with Flash’s answer to cookies.
18 Aug 2006 Setting Up Apache, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess and mod_rewrite in OS X
I think the title says more than enough.
12 Sep 2006 ID
“Don’t you know who I am?”
25 Feb 2010 February Link Dump
Rabbits, video, magazines, uploads, hopping and more.
04 Dec 2005 “I need a blue bubble!”
The strangely compelling game Drifts.