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Weblog Shuffle

10 random entries:
24 Jan 2006 New Blood For Bloglines
Some additions to my daily reading.
02 Apr 2005 Finishing Touches: Opacity Rollovers
Add a translucency effect to linked images.
13 Apr 2005 Lorem Ipsum: The Next Generation
Spoof software indirectly impresses girlfriend.
21 Aug 2005 August Link Dump
A clear-out featuring toast, games and more.
12 Aug 2005 Flashy Flash 8
New toys to play with from Macromedia.
14 Jul 2005 Dog-and-Bone-over-IP
Indulge your multinational pretensions with SkypeIn.
22 May 2005 Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
09 Oct 2006 They’re in my base killing my d00d
Not exactly quaking (sorry) in their boots.
28 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Text Inputs
Slightly slicker form styling.
07 Sep 2010 1K Chess Showdown
Dramatic stuff.