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This weblog’s content is also available via a feed (you might have seen them represented by ‘XML’ or ‘RSS’ buttons elsewhere). Using that feed you can find out about and read the latest entries in a variety of ways without having to keep coming back to the site to check for updates. Most news outlets now offer feeds, so you can bring all your sources of information together in one place and read them in a way that suits you.

Using an online feed-reading service

Various free and paid-for services let you subscribe to sites and read them all via your web browser. Using the links below you can instantly subscribe to this weblog (if you already have an account) or register.

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With your web browser

Many browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, allow you to subscribe to sites. Look for a clickable icon in the address bar or status bar.

With a desktop news aggregator

Alternatively, you can install software on your computer which will then gather together multiple sources of information. If the link below doesn’t work for you, direct the software to this site’s URL.

Direct feed links