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Commenting on ‘Self-indulgent Review of 2011’:

Congratulations on getting married! That post had passed me by. I'm on the tail end of saving up for our one next year (can't wait for the last invoices of 2011 to be paid so the event is covered.)

Personally I'd say don't re-brand much unless you're really hating the current look, as that's a common time-wasting trap designers get caught in. I'd expect the vast majority of people who come to this site to still find it fresh looking, and for clients a bit of continuity is a good thing as they're sure they're in the right place.

I've had a lot of work from existing clients this year, which is great but is harder to write about on my site, potentially making it look a bit dead.

Good to hear everything is going well, and thanks for all the link dumps over the year, I always find something good in them.

Paul Silver, 4th Jan, 12:27pm

Commenting on ‘Wedding Photography Copyright Revisited’:

Talk to some people who are about to hire a wedding photographer and you'll find they naively assume that they're paying someone to produce photos for them to own, not paying to become licensees. They don't read the small print or consider intellectual property issues until they run into them later, at which point some feel quite upset or confused.

I'm not saying photographers shouldn't assert their rights or be paid fairly, merely that it's an issue that needs to be considered and discussed more.

Matt Round, 25th Oct, 12:25pm

Commenting on ‘Wedding Photography Copyright Revisited’:

Photographs are art. If I bought a painting, I would not expect to own the copyright to it.

It can be arranged, but is not automatic.

LordManley, 25th Oct, 11:31am

Commenting on ‘Wedding Photography Copyright Revisited’:

I read the title to this article and panicked for a moment, then remembered what Edward and I decided upon as the backbone of the business - customer service. You would think it would catch on more as a concept?

Hope you guys had a wonderful day, I'm really looking forward to seeing the shots. Sorry I couldn't be there with Edward to shoot the day, but as it happens little George decided to appear on time, so we were knee deep in nappies instead!

Karl Randay, 25th Oct, 10:23am

Commenting on ‘The Search Continues…’:

Could not have done it without you Matt, great work as always.

Tom, 1st Jul, 1:30am

Commenting on ‘If This Blog Post Is Received In Error…’:

I can't stand excessively long email signatures that spout all that legal BS, we do work for an insurance company and after the legal blurb, normal signature and the classic "Please consider the environment" crap the signature is twice the length of the original email sent!

The information contained in this electronic correspondence and any files transmitted with it is intended for the addressee only and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the addressee please delete this message and notify the sender; you should not copy or distribute this message or disclose its contents to anyone.

(Couldn't resist!)

James Harland, 15th Apr, 12:01pm

Commenting on ‘Everyone Wants To Be A Special Snowflake’:

Yes, but the interesting thing was that the businesses involved put little thought or effort into those things (most of their branding etc. was derived from franchise material), yet were still bothered by the idea of a pre-packaged site.

So I suppose they weren't that picky about the final result, but wanted to be flattered by more individual attention in the development process.

Matt Round, 19th Oct, 8:14am

Commenting on ‘Everyone Wants To Be A Special Snowflake’:

isn't it about identity, corporate image, branding, marketing, and communication?

olivier, 18th Oct, 4:51pm

Commenting on ‘1K Chess Showdown’:

My guess would be more like 1024.

— jc, 8th Oct, 3:31am

Commenting on ‘1K Chess Showdown’:

My guess for rating would be pretty low, around 1000. I beat Tiny Chess handily, and I'll admit that I'm not a great player.

— cin, 29th Sep, 9:08pm