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09 Jan 2012 New Year Link Dump
Restarting, reloading, plotting, puzzling, trolling, testing and more.
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
04 Jan 2011 Self-indulgent Review of 2010
The highs and lows.
31 Oct 2010 October Link Dump
Stupidity, handbags, hover, flabbiness, eggs and more.
22 Mar 2010 Twittering On
@mattround Waffles for lunch
11 Feb 2010 ReadUnderstandWeb
Please note: this site is not ReadWriteWeb.
03 Nov 2009 “You can get less than that for manslaughter!”
5 years of blogging.
16 Oct 2009 Using OpenID With Your Own Domain
Delegation’s what you need.
12 Oct 2009 Domain As Identity
Having an online place to call your own.
30 Sep 2009 Portfolio, Meet Weblog
Bridging the divide between site sections.
26 Sep 2009 Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Dot and Shortening
Mucking about with this site’s URLs.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
19 Feb 2008 This Is Not A Blog
Bear with me.
17 Dec 2007 Pedants’ Corner
Spelling and grammar nitpicking.
20 Nov 2007 Subscribophobia
Sites I can’t face reading every day.
03 Sep 2007 Bye Bye Bloglines
I’ll be reading feeds elsewhere.
18 May 2007 In a Zen State
Just a brief e-commerce grumble.
20 Feb 2007 Faffing About With Frameworks
Choosing the right foundations to build on.
31 Jan 2007 End-o’-January Link Dump
The new year produced a bumper crop.
08 Dec 2006 Link Maintenance
Diverting some of the ‘Google juice’.
27 Nov 2006 techlawlifelaunched
A new malevolent-designed site for attorney Jeff Seul.
23 Nov 2006 Taking the Blog Out of Blogging
Blogging about bloggers blogging about blogging. Ugh.
01 Nov 2006 The Terrible Twos
730 days and counting.
14 Sep 2006 Tweaking WordPress Page Titles
Improve most themes with a snippet of code.
13 Aug 2006 Pet Project
Ideas are cheap. This one’s free.
24 Jun 2006 WordPress and Yahoo! Hosting Gripes
Warnings for fellow web developers.
04 Jun 2006 May Link Dump
E-commerce, RSI, bogroll, generators, demons and scripts.
08 May 2006 Pinging Bloglines
Feed your subscribers faster.
24 Apr 2006 RSS (Russ’s Subscription Seizures)
The subtle art of telling people to F off.
20 Apr 2006 The Blogger Strikes Back
Tools for tackling ‘splogs’.
06 Apr 2006 Accept No Imitation
The evils of the ‘splogosphere’.
24 Jan 2006 New Blood For Bloglines
Some additions to my daily reading.
04 Jan 2006 Feeds, Icons and Orange
Falling into line with Mozilla and Microsoft.
03 Dec 2005 AdExperiment
Putting Google AdSense to the test.
28 Nov 2005 Blogging Birthday
A minor milestone slips by unnoticed.
14 Nov 2005 Passing Comment
The tricky task of separating ham from spam.
09 Nov 2005 Splog Generator
TV theme lyrics should be used for good, not evil
06 Nov 2005 Stagnation and Overfeeding
A couple of weblog observations.
13 Oct 2005 Long Time No Blog
12 days is a long time in blogging.
28 Sep 2005 Atom Feed Upgraded
I’ve made the switch from v0.3 to v1.0.
22 Sep 2005 Atom Upgrade
Feed update to 1.0 imminent.
11 Sep 2005 The One Dollar Weblog Page
Flogging ads and PageRank in gimmicky ways.
04 Sep 2005 Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
14 Aug 2005 Finishing Touches: Presenting Feeds
‘RSS’? ‘XML’? ‘All a bit of a mess’?
16 Jul 2005 How About “Up and Atom”? No…?
Feed format hits version 1.0 .
11 Jul 2005 Finishing Touches: Search Engine Optimisation
How to avoid throwing away free traffic.
02 Jun 2005 Quick Quote for the Day
A few words from Ernest Svenson.
23 May 2005 Bloglines Plumber
Have you spotted this man on Watchdog?
15 May 2005 Rearranging the Weblog Furniture
Just a few unspectacular changes to structure and presentation.
21 Apr 2005 Syndication Showdown
Reigning champion RSS versus young contender Atom.
05 Apr 2005 Master of Your Domain
Definitely not a ‘Seinfeld’ reference.
04 Apr 2005 How to be Stabbed in the Face
A famous comment-rich weblog entry.
01 Apr 2005 Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
29 Mar 2005 “How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Update a Weblog?”
A new discussion ‘blawg’ from Denise Howell and co.
26 Mar 2005 Empty Niches
Has every weblog idea been done already? Not quite…
21 Mar 2005 RSS Republishing Row
Is putting others’ content on your site OK?
13 Mar 2005 This Here Weblog: The Story So Far
Four months of web development trivia.
24 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Permalinks
Fine-tuning weblog entries’s links.
15 Feb 2005 The Flashy Rodent Dilemma
Should I stick with DHTML when redesigning malevole?
29 Jan 2005 You Are Here
Geotagged weblogs pinpointed by Multimap.
19 Jan 2005 Stripped of Rank
The pros and cons of Google’s new link type.
17 Jan 2005 Link Link
Even popular, web-savvy sites do stupid, web-hostile things.
15 Jan 2005 Tagged
Feeds modified to support Technorati’s new service.
13 Jan 2005 Finishing Touches: Emphasis
Highlighting the key point in each weblog entry.
09 Jan 2005 Insert Suitably-Bad ‘Atom’ Pun Here
Weblog XML feed now also available in the Atom format.
13 Dec 2004 Well Fed
Fattened-up RSS feed now contains full content.
05 Dec 2004 Have Favatars
Icons for comments, and a strange Microsoft observation.
30 Nov 2004 Reading the News
Feeding your information addiction with Bloglines.
28 Nov 2004 Reinventing the Wheel
Revelling in the madness of building my own blogging system.
26 Nov 2004 Favatars
A nifty idea for adding little icons to weblog comments.
23 Nov 2004 BetterFilter
Will anyone dare to not use blue?
01 Nov 2004 “Is It Switched On?”
Introducing the Malevolent Design Weblog.

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