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29 Jan 2013 15by7: A nice idea spoilt by reality
Super-chunky Twitter pixel art
21 Jan 2013 New Year Link Dump
A quick catch-up list.
27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
22 May 2012 The Puzzling Thing About Microsoft’s…
Why choose a super-short domain then make it longer?
21 May 2012 Mid-May Link Dump
Ns, sea-monkeys, photos, audio, scams, Rambo and more.
18 Apr 2012 Mid-April Link Dump
Reading, composing, freezing, browsing, fracking and more.
11 Apr 2012 Mobile Browser Testing With Real Devices
A rundown of my current setup.
05 Apr 2012 Stop Spoofing Emails (Or Do It Carefully)
Does your contact form do this?
13 Mar 2012 Bumper Link Dump
A couple of months’ worth.
09 Jan 2012 New Year Link Dump
Restarting, reloading, plotting, puzzling, trolling, testing and more.
07 Dec 2011 Almost-End-Of-Year Link Dump
Smells, tweets, dots, spying, toys, dingbats and more.
14 Nov 2011 Green Christmas Ad Campaign & Competition
“All I want for Christmas is…”
07 Nov 2011 Autumn Link Dump
Support, terminals, GIFs, glitches, cosplay and more.
05 Oct 2011 Using MAMP PRO With A Non-Admin Account
A possible workaround for some.
01 Aug 2011 July Link Dump
Handles, screenshots, 1984, wrestling and more.
30 Jun 2011 The Search Continues…
Find Your Geek 3.0
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
13 Jun 2011 Tom Kincaid, Pianist & Composer
A jazzed-up (sorry) site.
18 May 2011 Web Font Embedding Fully Arrives
After a long, slow journey.
05 May 2011 Post-Easter Link Dump
Books, fonts, hosting, crypts, skulls and misery.
31 Mar 2011 March Link Dump
Climbing, linking, timing, debt collecting, scaling and placeholding.
11 Mar 2011 View Source (Code)
ASCII-based marketing is the future.
04 Mar 2011 February Link Dump
Lifeboats, icons, URLs, goo, war and more.
04 Feb 2011 Web Dev Link Dump
Humans, logos, emails, collisions, sprites and more.
01 Feb 2011 Bolt-on Editing With CushyCMS
Sometimes it pays to nag (politely).
19 Jan 2011 New Year Link Dump
Comics, freebies, sounds, motivation, fonts and more.
06 Jan 2011 It’s Complicated
Tricky details when putting things online.
04 Jan 2011 Self-indulgent Review of 2010
The highs and lows.
22 Dec 2010 December Link Dump
Pronouns, monoliths, favicons, scrolling, fonts and more.
06 Dec 2010 Primitive Promoted Trends
Twitter’s global advertising.
01 Dec 2010 November Link Dump
Murder, hashes, PSDs, quotes, awards, errors and more.
25 Nov 2010 Clayton Classics Site and Logo
Building a new brand.
31 Oct 2010 October Link Dump
Stupidity, handbags, hover, flabbiness, eggs and more.
18 Oct 2010 Everyone Wants To Be A Special Snowflake
The selling point of unique.
23 Sep 2010 September Link Dump
Topiary, games, cookies, comics and more.
25 Aug 2010 August Link Dump
Moyles, tangles, triangles, Bieber, Halo and more.
17 Aug 2010 AOL Keywords 2.0
Back to the ’90s with Facebook.
30 Jul 2010 July Link Dump
Shirts, URLs, martial arts, cows and more.
26 Jul 2010 A New Look for ZenMagick’s Site
Redesign now live.
16 Jul 2010 ANSAC Redesign
Making soda ash prettier.
29 Jun 2010 June Link Dump
Clickjacking, pensioners, movies, pedantry, blood and more.
24 Jun 2010 Automatic Content Filtering Is ****ing Difficult
Poor old Scunthorpe.
17 May 2010 Still Happy With Facebook..?
A matter of trust.
13 May 2010 Been-Too-Busy-To-Blog Link Dump
Crap, colours, songs, Arnie, Jack and more.
07 Apr 2010 Early April Link Dump
Downloads, zombies, pub lunches, planes, envelopes and more.
29 Mar 2010 When Pugs Fly
Aerial canine billboards.
22 Mar 2010 Twittering On
@mattround Waffles for lunch
15 Mar 2010 Mid-March Link Dump
Scurvy, Twitter, patents, fonts, email, muppets and more.
10 Mar 2010 HTML As Native File Format For Word Processing
I know I’d use it.
25 Feb 2010 February Link Dump
Rabbits, video, magazines, uploads, hopping and more.
11 Feb 2010 ReadUnderstandWeb
Please note: this site is not ReadWriteWeb.
28 Jan 2010 Late January Link Dump
Sci-fi, data, comics, robots, dinosaurs and more.
26 Jan 2010 Revolting Listeners
thesixtyone’s controversial redesign.
25 Jan 2010 A New Look for ZenMagick
I made a logo and site template.
18 Jan 2010 Mid-January Link Dump
Prisoners, music, transparency, newspapers and more.
14 Jan 2010 One Has Designed One’s Site
A book cover and web site combo.
08 Jan 2010 Posting Scores To Twitter From Flash Games
The easy approach.
07 Jan 2010 Now With Added Alien
A quick site refresh.
23 Dec 2009 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Basketball, trains, cameras, URLs, drops, dolls and more.
10 Dec 2009 Why I Deleted My Facebook Account
Anti-social networking.
08 Dec 2009 My First (and Worst) Pitch
It still makes me wince.
30 Nov 2009 Still Licensed To Phish
More clueless behaviour from banks.
25 Nov 2009 Late November Link Dump
Comedy, ideas, autocomplete, wireframes, DeLoreans and more.
16 Nov 2009 Warring Factions
Design by (squabbling) committee.
15 Nov 2009 MattFilter
An inspiring web business.
04 Nov 2009 Early November Link Dump
Killjoys, 3D, Drupal, SMS, toilet rolls and more.
22 Oct 2009 The Cynical Web Developer’s Manifesto
Three simple tenets.
21 Oct 2009 Mid-October Link Dump
Mags, TV, video, fonts, zombies and more.
16 Oct 2009 Using OpenID With Your Own Domain
Delegation’s what you need.
15 Oct 2009 ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
13 Oct 2009 Preserving and Emulating That ’90s Look
The Web Design That Time Forgot.
12 Oct 2009 Domain As Identity
Having an online place to call your own.
08 Oct 2009 Anticipating The Future Of Online Privacy
And future embarrassment.
05 Oct 2009 Early October Link Dump
Trademarks, profanity, developers, canvas, malware, eels and more.
01 Oct 2009 Optimising Your Web Site (a little) For The iPhone
The quick’n’easy basics.
30 Sep 2009 Portfolio, Meet Weblog
Bridging the divide between site sections.
29 Sep 2009 Breaking News: Sites Have Breaking News
Over now to our correspondent…
26 Sep 2009 Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Dot and Shortening
Mucking about with this site’s URLs.
25 Sep 2009 MAMP PRO
An easy way to work locally on multiple sites.
23 Sep 2009 Money Is Expensive
Sometimes the Underpants Gnomes don’t seem so stupid.
22 Sep 2009 September Link Dump
Demos, tech support, Welsh Jedi, IE6, dating and more.
19 Sep 2009 Malevolent Redesign
The site’s had a lick of paint.
27 Jul 2009 July Link Dump
Flashmobs, cruft, Busey, illusions, kludges and more.
12 Jul 2009 R.I.P. HomeSite
Thanks for the years of faithful service.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
22 Apr 2009 “We don’t serve your type here”
The fuss over font embedding.
17 Apr 2009 Mid-April Link Dump
Business cards, polls, games, biorhythms and Skeletor.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
01 Mar 2009 Compare the Marketing
“I love wail of mongoose as he zap on electric fence”
26 Feb 2009 Capturing Data From Beyond The Grave
Tactless form validation.
23 Feb 2009 Games-Related Link Dump
Warning: may harm productivity
26 Jan 2009 Late January Link Dump
Letters, titles, sins, layers and more.
12 Jan 2009 Setting An Example
Domains reserved for documentation.
08 Jan 2009 New Year Link Dump
Graves, writing, 404, cars, sounds, cuteness and more.
15 Dec 2008 Faster Flash
Speeding up games and animations.
14 Dec 2008 W I D E R
The evolution of a layout.
10 Dec 2008 The Perils of Hotlinking
Punishing bandwidth leeches.
07 Nov 2008 Green Christmas
Eco-friendly festive shopping.
28 Oct 2008 October Link Dump
Games, fonts, Subversion, slices and more.
14 Oct 2008 A House of Cards
The perils of dependencies.
02 Oct 2008 September Link Dump
Typography, spiders, interviews, filters and more.
23 Sep 2008 Bad Ideas That Refuse To Die
Persistent web site mistakes.
17 Sep 2008 Postal Primate
The chimp is dead; long live the chimp.
09 Sep 2008 The End of the World (Wide Web)
Keeping an eye on the LHC.
02 Sep 2008 Open To Abuse?
Spammers ruin everything.
01 Sep 2008 August Link Dump
SQL, mock-ups, music, cakes, propaganda and zombies.
29 Aug 2008 Encode/Decode URL Data As Base64 In PHP
Build cleaner, shorter URLs.
21 Aug 2008 Ditching Donkeywork and Empowering Clients
Nickel-and-diming is a dead end.
07 Aug 2008 Early-August Link Dump
Idiots, 3D, nonsense, gender, physics and more.
25 Jul 2008 Late Developer
Later is often still early enough.
21 Jul 2008 Web Site ‘Entrance Exams’
Keeping out the riffraff.
17 Jul 2008 Mid-July Link Dump
Patterns, Flash, comics, words, toilets and more.
26 Jun 2008 What do you mean, you forgot?
Details for the to-do list
19 Jun 2008 Mid-June Link Dump
Movies, geolocation, T shirts, coffee and more.
06 Jun 2008 Geek Makeover
In movies they just do their hair & remove glasses.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
14 May 2008 Saving Memory on Media Temple’s (dv) Hosting
Simple tweaks, big gains.
05 May 2008 Must… Avoid… Cache/Caching Pun…
Optimisation through reuse.
21 Apr 2008 Making Buttons ‘Bobble’
A simple CSS effect.
18 Apr 2008 Interchangeable Form Elements
Same data, different user interface.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
15 Apr 2008 Missing Scrollbars In Mac Firefox 3
An obscure but irritating quirk.
09 Apr 2008 A Shinier, Tastier Green Apple
An eco-friendly ecommerce redesign.
07 Apr 2008 Web Design: Surprisingly Static
I’m partly relieved, partly disappointed.
25 Mar 2008 Late-March Link Dump
Replies, URLs, comments, security, sci-fi, SPF and caching.
10 Mar 2008 The Dark Art of LOLspeak
With great power comes great responsibility.
07 Mar 2008 Early-March Link Dump
Zombies, information, layouts, maps, pi and more.
26 Feb 2008 The Downside of Uploads
Another extra burden imposed by IE.
20 Feb 2008 Using the Vista Fonts Without Vista
Install them in XP for free.
10 Feb 2008 Mid-February Link Dump
Bear, livestock, dog, pony, lemurs and more.
04 Feb 2008 Yet More LOLcat Nonsense, I’m Afraid
by Miffers Schrodinga
27 Jan 2008 Think Before Doing
Why not keep the planning bit separate?
22 Jan 2008 One-Click Kittenisation
Probably patented by Amazon.
16 Jan 2008 Mid-January Link Dump
Printing, recording, squatting, fighting and more.
14 Jan 2008 Get The Wii Internet Channel For Free
It’s a bit of a faff.
20 Dec 2007 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Sega, favicons, crunch mode, idents and more.
19 Dec 2007 Hiding CSS From IE5
A conditional comments example.
18 Dec 2007 IE5 R.I.P.
It’s the new Netscape 4.
17 Dec 2007 Pedants’ Corner
Spelling and grammar nitpicking.
14 Dec 2007 iPlayer Goes To Eleven
“Why don’t you make ten a little louder?”
05 Dec 2007 The Barwick-o-tron 3000™
How to select an England football manager.
03 Dec 2007 LOLcat Epidemiology
Which nations luv teh kittehs?
28 Nov 2007
Short answers to simple questions.
23 Nov 2007 Gabocorp: a Flashy Flashback to 1997
Shiny spheres and looped music.
20 Nov 2007 Subscribophobia
Sites I can’t face reading every day.
19 Nov 2007 World of LOLcraft
By popular demand.
13 Nov 2007 PHP preg Pattern Pitfall
Watch out for those trailing newlines.
12 Nov 2007 Mid-November Link Dump
Science, vectors, cows, animation, poultry, comics and more.
02 Nov 2007 LOLinator: i can haz websiet?
26 Oct 2007 In Defence of PHP Short Tags
Questioning the conventional wisdom.
23 Oct 2007 Floral Fashion
Boutique shopping for clothes, lingerie and accessories.
18 Oct 2007 Mid-October Link Dump
Animation, exploits, Morse, Ajax, SEO, games, amputation and beans.
24 Sep 2007 Opting Out of Image Searches
How to exclude your pics from being spidered.
21 Sep 2007 Mid-September Link Dump
Karma, fish, evil, dinosaurs, bugs and more.
03 Sep 2007 Bye Bye Bloglines
I’ll be reading feeds elsewhere.
31 Aug 2007 The Tackiest Ad I’ve Seen In A While
I suppose it makes a change from punching monkeys.
30 Aug 2007 August Link Dump
Video, newspapers, marketing, ideas, bubbles and more.
24 Aug 2007 DNS Rebinding Nastiness
Zombifying browsers for fun and profit.
06 Aug 2007 Flash Enhancements
11 ways to use it to extend the browser.
19 Jul 2007 Analytics Revisited
Trying out the new Google Analytics interface.
18 Jul 2007 Mid-July Link Dump
Disaster recovery, games, PHP, video, messaging and domain names.
04 Jul 2007 The Uncomfortable Truth About PHP
PHP6 isn’t necessarily the best successor to PHP5.
16 Jun 2007 Furtive Fundraising
Appealing to the urge to customise and show off.
15 Jun 2007 Miscellaneous Advice Link Dump
Just a few links about work and hiring.
04 Jun 2007 Browsing By Ear
A video introduction to screen reading technology.
02 Jun 2007 May Link Dump
Sickness, security, sound effects and more.
18 May 2007 In a Zen State
Just a brief e-commerce grumble.
27 Apr 2007 April Link Dump
GIFs, colours, templates, demos, clients, CSS, frameworks and maths.
14 Apr 2007 A Framework For Discussion (Of Frameworks)
Acknowledging the difference between applications and sites.
06 Apr 2007 Endangered GIFs
Digital artefacts from the 1990s.
03 Apr 2007 Using HTTP Status Codes
Errors for all occasions.
02 Apr 2007 Ask Fools’ Day
The best spoofs are awkwardly close to the truth.
30 Mar 2007 March Link Dump
Lisa, fluid, stats, Python, brushes, Wii and time off.
12 Mar 2007 Unicode-friendly PHP and MySQL
Getting web applications to think in UTF-8.
08 Mar 2007 License to Phish
Companies that confuse users are helping fraudsters.
28 Feb 2007 February Link Dump
Torquay, Robocop, idents, flowers and more.
22 Feb 2007 PaperVision3D’s Flashy Origami
Chucking polygons around with ActionScript.
20 Feb 2007 Faffing About With Frameworks
Choosing the right foundations to build on.
31 Jan 2007 End-o’-January Link Dump
The new year produced a bumper crop.
24 Jan 2007 Book Review: Building Scalable Web Sites
Sound advice from Flickr’s architect.
16 Jan 2007 Mid-January Link Dump
A new miscellany for the new year.
02 Jan 2007 OpenDNS Update
New European servers and cache checking/refreshing.
28 Dec 2006 End-of-year Link Dump
Using up URLs marked “Best Before End: 2006”.
18 Dec 2006 Celebrity Scribbles
Jeff Bridges’ idiosyncratic approach to web design.
08 Dec 2006 Link Maintenance
Diverting some of the ‘Google juice’.
06 Dec 2006 How to Win a Million (More Often)
And make Alex Tew even richer. Bah.
04 Dec 2006 Spam: The Movie
A trick for sneaking video into email.
28 Nov 2006 November Link Dump
Chicks, nukes, prime numbers and more.
27 Nov 2006 techlawlifelaunched
A new malevolent-designed site for attorney Jeff Seul.
24 Nov 2006 Flash Dance
Anyone drawn Jennifer Beals yet?
23 Nov 2006 Taking the Blog Out of Blogging
Blogging about bloggers blogging about blogging. Ugh.
07 Nov 2006 Spyware? Yahoo!
01 Nov 2006 The Terrible Twos
730 days and counting.
31 Oct 2006 Top Ten Timewasting Techniques
How to avoid getting things done.
23 Oct 2006 Password Shouting
A nifty feature for CAPS LOCK USERS.
20 Oct 2006 Vulnerability
Sloppy coding and head-in-the-sand attitudes.
16 Oct 2006 MiSpace
Could Apple already learn something from the Zune?
10 Oct 2006 ISP DNS RIP
Something to try if your surfing slows.
29 Sep 2006 The Green Apple
Eco-friendly and ethical products galore.
21 Sep 2006 XHTML Rules, OK?
More misguided markup advice.
18 Sep 2006 Selling Jobs
Niche recruitment and job ads with personality.
15 Sep 2006 Going Phishing With Google
A handy security hole for scammers.
14 Sep 2006 Tweaking WordPress Page Titles
Improve most themes with a snippet of code.
12 Sep 2006 ID
“Don’t you know who I am?”
09 Sep 2006 Sweet Test Suite
Running OS X and Windows in parallel in Parallels.
04 Sep 2006 Securing OS X’s Personal Web Sharing
Keep prying eyes away from work in progress.
03 Sep 2006 Pastify
Fact: HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer of Pasties.
28 Aug 2006 Getting My Nose Back to the Grindstone
This thing with the buttons and glowing screen looks familiar.
18 Aug 2006 Setting Up Apache, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess and mod_rewrite in OS X
I think the title says more than enough.
17 Aug 2006 Development Developments
I’ve switched, but I promise not to be a smug fanboy.
13 Aug 2006 Pet Project
Ideas are cheap. This one’s free.
05 Aug 2006 Perplexing Multiplex
A usability horror movie.
03 Aug 2006 malevole Redesign: Front-end Features
So what stuff will people see?
01 Aug 2006 Geeking Out in the Gardens
Picnic-wielding web developers due to invade Leamington!
14 Jul 2006 Dumpy Digg, Flabby Flickr
High calorie toolkits can weigh sites down.
24 Jun 2006 WordPress and Yahoo! Hosting Gripes
Warnings for fellow web developers.
04 Jun 2006 May Link Dump
E-commerce, RSI, bogroll, generators, demons and scripts.
23 May 2006 Headdress for OS X
Simplified Apache configuration for web developers.
21 May 2006 Pre-activated Flash
Getting rid of ‘Eolas clicks’.
09 May 2006 Domesday Data
The tricky business of archiving information.
08 May 2006 Pinging Bloglines
Feed your subscribers faster.
01 May 2006 April Link Dump
Dinosaurs, email, stick figures, design, modelling, drums, video, text and clutter.
24 Apr 2006 RSS (Russ’s Subscription Seizures)
The subtle art of telling people to F off.
20 Apr 2006 The Blogger Strikes Back
Tools for tackling ‘splogs’.
19 Apr 2006 Keeping It Stupidly Simple
Approach nifty interface gimmicks with caution.
08 Apr 2006 Serial Scrounger
How much cash will a million people donate?
06 Apr 2006 Accept No Imitation
The evils of the ‘splogosphere’.
02 Apr 2006 March Link Dump
A month’s worth of bits’n’pieces.
28 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Aims
What’s the point?
21 Mar 2006 T Time
Summer wardrobe guide for geeks.
20 Mar 2006 Pranklets
Far nicer than clingfilm on toilet seats.
16 Mar 2006 Preventing Prefetching
Putting greedy browsers on a bit of a diet.
12 Mar 2006 All Googled Out
No more AdSense and Analytics for now.
10 Mar 2006 Keeping Flash Active
Internet Explorer update forces changes to sites.
06 Mar 2006 How Not To Do An Online Presentation
Softest sell ever.
05 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Getting Really Real
A plan for planning a project.
27 Feb 2006 Settling Into A New Home
Fingers crossed after moving hosting firms.
23 Feb 2006 Google Page Creator (BETA, of course)
A bit like a web-based FrontPage v1.
22 Feb 2006 February Link Dump
Bears, water, politics, web dev and fonts.
19 Feb 2006 Lilac Leamington
A token web presence for the Midlands’ latest boutique.
10 Feb 2006 The Web Is Rubbish
Go on, get it off your chest.
07 Feb 2006 Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
05 Feb 2006 Banning’s Too Good For ’Em
BMW Germany gets caught trying to game Google.
31 Jan 2006 January Link Dump
IE, animals, T-shirts, dinosaurs, tooltips, driving, wrapping and a quiz.
25 Jan 2006 Opera Mini (Operetta?)
A nifty free web browser for your mobile.
24 Jan 2006 New Blood For Bloglines
Some additions to my daily reading.
22 Jan 2006 Flash the Cash
Don’t act too coy about your finances.
19 Jan 2006 Dimwitted Denial of Service
They just didn’t think it through…
14 Jan 2006 Finishing Touches: Prettier Printing
Making sure sites look their best on paper.
05 Jan 2006 The IMDb Rides Out
Feeding my random trivia addiction online.
02 Jan 2006 New Year Link Dump
Clearing out miscellaneous bits’n’pieces.
04 Dec 2005 “I need a blue bubble!”
The strangely compelling game Drifts.
03 Dec 2005 AdExperiment
Putting Google AdSense to the test.
28 Nov 2005 Blogging Birthday
A minor milestone slips by unnoticed.
26 Nov 2005 Finishing Touches: Avoiding Caching Glitches
Prevent old style sheets from hanging around.
23 Nov 2005 Alexa and Your WHOIS Info
Keeping domain registration details off the web.
21 Nov 2005 Analysing Analytics
Giving Google’s new web stats a try.
14 Nov 2005 Passing Comment
The tricky task of separating ham from spam.
11 Nov 2005 Mid-November Link Dump
Questions, lunacy, paranoia, goths, vectors, mafia and cooking.
09 Nov 2005 Splog Generator
TV theme lyrics should be used for good, not evil
06 Nov 2005 Stagnation and Overfeeding
A couple of weblog observations.
05 Nov 2005 Finishing Touches: Fonts
Tweaking typography using less obvious font choices.
18 Oct 2005 Mid-October Link Dump
Quickly rustled up from miscellaneous leftovers.
13 Oct 2005 Long Time No Blog
12 days is a long time in blogging.
23 Sep 2005 Hosting and Hurricanes
It’s easy to forget where your server is in the real world.
18 Sep 2005 Encyclopedic Internationalisation
Using Wikipedia as an example of I18n best practice.
13 Sep 2005 Email Injection Attacks
Got a contact form? Make sure it’s safe.
11 Sep 2005 The One Dollar Weblog Page
Flogging ads and PageRank in gimmicky ways.
08 Sep 2005 Even Fewer Popups with Firefox
How to close a popups-from-plugins loophole.
04 Sep 2005 Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
30 Aug 2005 Download This Weblog Entry for $2.99
The healthy market for ‘casual games’ and digital content.
21 Aug 2005 August Link Dump
A clear-out featuring toast, games and more.
14 Aug 2005 Finishing Touches: Presenting Feeds
‘RSS’? ‘XML’? ‘All a bit of a mess’?
12 Aug 2005 Flashy Flash 8
New toys to play with from Macromedia.
07 Aug 2005 They Know Where You Browse
Browsers expose more data than you might realise.
30 Jul 2005 Sky Interactive’s E-Business Portal
Get your web site on UK satellite telly for free? Surely not.
26 Jul 2005 “Kids Love Potter, Jerry”
J.K.Rowling demonstrates how not to use Flash.
19 Jul 2005 Daftest Ever Use of a Domain Name?
CNET should know better.
18 Jul 2005 “RAD Framework, Dude!”
Ruby has been on Rails for a while; now Python has Django.
16 Jul 2005 How About “Up and Atom”? No…?
Feed format hits version 1.0 .
11 Jul 2005 Finishing Touches: Search Engine Optimisation
How to avoid throwing away free traffic.
23 Jun 2005 Logo Link Dump
Clearing out my graphic design bookmarks.
15 Jun 2005 Similar Templating
Using just a dash of server-side coding to build up simple pages.
12 Jun 2005 Naming Names
A worrying URL, ‘creative’ baby name and oddly-titled theme park ride.
10 Jun 2005 Zap United
New Man U owners’ dodgy dot-com past.
06 Jun 2005 Finishing Touches: Block Quotes
Neatly displaying quoted chunks of content and their sources.
04 Jun 2005 More XML Goodness from Google and Microsoft
Google Sitemaps and Microsoft Office Open XML Formats.
01 Jun 2005 Sticky Content
You never know when you might want to glue styrofoam to glass.
29 May 2005 Where the Web Went Right
Ted Nelson v Tim Berners-Lee? The web wins by default.
26 May 2005 A 3D Frog That Isn’t Crazy
Pushing Flash, kicking and screaming, into the third dimension.
23 May 2005 Bloglines Plumber
Have you spotted this man on Watchdog?
22 May 2005 Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
21 May 2005 Daft Domain Up for Grabs
Groan-inducing available for free.
18 May 2005 “Make clips of yourselves… and each other”
Yep, it’s another quoteplay mention.
15 May 2005 Rearranging the Weblog Furniture
Just a few unspectacular changes to structure and presentation.
09 May 2005 Podcasting Miscellany
A collection of notes about the new medium.
01 May 2005 Add Google Maps’ Directions to Your Site
Help people to find you with a simple little form.
30 Apr 2005 Safari So Goody (Sorry…)
First to pass Acid2; Internet Explorer still struggling with Acid0.0001 .
28 Apr 2005 Mobile Frustrations
Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by the web’s openness?
23 Apr 2005 Using Flash’s Local Shared Objects for Good, Not Evil
Add nifty features with Flash’s answer to cookies.
21 Apr 2005 Syndication Showdown
Reigning champion RSS versus young contender Atom.
17 Apr 2005 Useful Stuff: Writing
Online tools and resources for spelling, grammar and style.
14 Apr 2005 Gmail Basic HTML View
Not as accessible as it should be.
13 Apr 2005 Lorem Ipsum: The Next Generation
Spoof software indirectly impresses girlfriend.
12 Apr 2005 Amazon DVD Rentals
Initial impressions are mostly positive.
10 Apr 2005 Linking With Confidence
Authoritative sources of information on the web.
07 Apr 2005 quoteplay Update
Imminent improvements, and an interesting alternative approach.
05 Apr 2005 Master of Your Domain
Definitely not a ‘Seinfeld’ reference.
04 Apr 2005 How to be Stabbed in the Face
A famous comment-rich weblog entry.
02 Apr 2005 Finishing Touches: Opacity Rollovers
Add a translucency effect to linked images.
01 Apr 2005 Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
31 Mar 2005 Totally Sucks, Dude
Better products from Sony, same old rubbish web sites.
29 Mar 2005 “How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Update a Weblog?”
A new discussion ‘blawg’ from Denise Howell and co.
27 Mar 2005 Easter Eggs
Sorry, no chocolate. You know it’s bad for you.
26 Mar 2005 Empty Niches
Has every weblog idea been done already? Not quite…
22 Mar 2005 March Link Dump
A quick clear-out of this month’s notes.
21 Mar 2005 RSS Republishing Row
Is putting others’ content on your site OK?
19 Mar 2005 Minimalist Menus
Keeping interactive systems simple.
16 Mar 2005 Not The ‘Blink’ Malcom Gladwell Had In Mind
Hotel haunted by CSS horror.
14 Mar 2005 Validate While You Browse
Handy Firefox extension for developers.
13 Mar 2005 This Here Weblog: The Story So Far
Four months of web development trivia.
10 Mar 2005 Yahoo Marketing
Iffy toolbar bundling by Adobe and Macromedia.
08 Mar 2005 Dog-eared Bookmarks
Have bookmarks/favorites become irrelevant?
28 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Text Inputs
Slightly slicker form styling.
26 Feb 2005 “We’re Doomed!” “Don’t Panic!”
Perhaps I’m a bit too jumpy to be a professional sysadmin.
26 Feb 2005 Not Viral, Just Rotten
24 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Permalinks
Fine-tuning weblog entries’s links.
23 Feb 2005 Retro Markup: Just Say No, Kids
XHTML pointless and overhyped? No and yes…
22 Feb 2005 PayPal Credit Card Payments
Big news for tiny e-commerce sites.
20 Feb 2005 Physics Geekery
Destroy the Earth with rubber bands, spuds, and Britney.
20 Feb 2005 Moogle? MDoogle?
Search this site’s nooks and crannies.
19 Feb 2005 Presenting the News
Wikinews is running a design contest.
15 Feb 2005 The Flashy Rodent Dilemma
Should I stick with DHTML when redesigning malevole?
08 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Code Blocks
Producing prettier program listings.
07 Feb 2005 Domain Names: The ‘Evil Twin’ Episode
The foreseen hazards of multilingual URLs.
05 Feb 2005 Link to Audio Excerpts With ‘quoteplay’
Podcast content can be opened up to deep-linking.
29 Jan 2005 You Are Here
Geotagged weblogs pinpointed by Multimap.
28 Jan 2005 Penguins, Transformers, Stickmen, and Frogs
Watching TV ads gives me déjà vu.
19 Jan 2005 Stripped of Rank
The pros and cons of Google’s new link type.
17 Jan 2005 Link Link
Even popular, web-savvy sites do stupid, web-hostile things.
13 Jan 2005 Finishing Touches: Emphasis
Highlighting the key point in each weblog entry.
12 Jan 2005 MSN Search Beta Better
Currently beats Google for inbound links.
08 Jan 2005 Decentralise
Is Macromedia Central going anywhere?
05 Jan 2005 ASCII + JavaScript = MathML
Good-looking mathematical formulas in web pages.
05 Jan 2005 Remote Scripting for Dummies
Resources for developers getting started with XMLHttpRequest.
01 Jan 2005 Finishing Touches: Styled Keys
Applying CSS to the kbd tag to display keyboard controls.
24 Dec 2004 Excusing Exclusion
PLCs claim complying with accessibility law is hard work.
22 Dec 2004 Finishing Touches: External Links
Automatically adding little icons to signpost the emergency exits.
08 Dec 2004 Mistake Number 21?
Hundreds of links to choose from. Great.
06 Dec 2004 Spiderability Testing
An online tool for helping assess search engine optimisation.
05 Dec 2004 Have Favatars
Icons for comments, and a strange Microsoft observation.
02 Dec 2004 Stirring Things Up
Good portal sites spread the fame around a little.
01 Dec 2004 Deck the Sites with Boughs of Holly
Bringing the festive spirit to the web.
30 Nov 2004 Reading the News
Feeding your information addiction with Bloglines.
28 Nov 2004 Reinventing the Wheel
Revelling in the madness of building my own blogging system.
27 Nov 2004 Yahoo!’s Rather Large Youth Club
No smuggled-in cigarettes or cheap cider though.
26 Nov 2004 Favatars
A nifty idea for adding little icons to weblog comments.
26 Nov 2004 Ill-informed Journalists, Bah Humbug
Columnist’s page doesn't work properly. Blames browser.
23 Nov 2004 BetterFilter
Will anyone dare to not use blue?
23 Nov 2004 “What do you want?” “Information.”
“You won’t get it.” “By hook or by crook, we will.”
21 Nov 2004 Viral Advertising
Third-party ad server adds malicious code to The Register.
14 Nov 2004 The Phony Browser/Search/OS War
A crucial countdown for Mozilla, Google and Apple.
04 Nov 2004 Shop (Someone) Online
“And I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky web site”
03 Nov 2004 Submit Yourself to the Button
Yield! Surrender! Give in to authority!
01 Nov 2004 “Is It Switched On?”
Introducing the Malevolent Design Weblog.

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