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“Server-side Coding” Category

21 Jan 2013 New Year Link Dump
A quick catch-up list.
27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
16 May 2012 Please Learn To Code… If You Feel Like It
Some thoughts on programming initiatives.
05 Apr 2012 Stop Spoofing Emails (Or Do It Carefully)
Does your contact form do this?
09 Jan 2012 New Year Link Dump
Restarting, reloading, plotting, puzzling, trolling, testing and more.
14 Nov 2011 Green Christmas Ad Campaign & Competition
“All I want for Christmas is…”
05 Oct 2011 Using MAMP PRO With A Non-Admin Account
A possible workaround for some.
05 May 2011 Post-Easter Link Dump
Books, fonts, hosting, crypts, skulls and misery.
31 Mar 2011 March Link Dump
Climbing, linking, timing, debt collecting, scaling and placeholding.
04 Mar 2011 February Link Dump
Lifeboats, icons, URLs, goo, war and more.
04 Feb 2011 Web Dev Link Dump
Humans, logos, emails, collisions, sprites and more.
01 Feb 2011 Bolt-on Editing With CushyCMS
Sometimes it pays to nag (politely).
06 Jan 2011 It’s Complicated
Tricky details when putting things online.
25 Nov 2010 Clayton Classics Site and Logo
Building a new brand.
25 Aug 2010 August Link Dump
Moyles, tangles, triangles, Bieber, Halo and more.
24 Jun 2010 Automatic Content Filtering Is ****ing Difficult
Poor old Scunthorpe.
15 Mar 2010 Mid-March Link Dump
Scurvy, Twitter, patents, fonts, email, muppets and more.
18 Jan 2010 Mid-January Link Dump
Prisoners, music, transparency, newspapers and more.
23 Dec 2009 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Basketball, trains, cameras, URLs, drops, dolls and more.
08 Dec 2009 My First (and Worst) Pitch
It still makes me wince.
04 Nov 2009 Early November Link Dump
Killjoys, 3D, Drupal, SMS, toilet rolls and more.
21 Oct 2009 Mid-October Link Dump
Mags, TV, video, fonts, zombies and more.
15 Oct 2009 ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
26 Sep 2009 Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Dot and Shortening
Mucking about with this site’s URLs.
25 Sep 2009 MAMP PRO
An easy way to work locally on multiple sites.
22 Sep 2009 September Link Dump
Demos, tech support, Welsh Jedi, IE6, dating and more.
27 Jul 2009 July Link Dump
Flashmobs, cruft, Busey, illusions, kludges and more.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
17 Apr 2009 Mid-April Link Dump
Business cards, polls, games, biorhythms and Skeletor.
26 Feb 2009 Capturing Data From Beyond The Grave
Tactless form validation.
08 Jan 2009 New Year Link Dump
Graves, writing, 404, cars, sounds, cuteness and more.
28 Oct 2008 October Link Dump
Games, fonts, Subversion, slices and more.
14 Oct 2008 A House of Cards
The perils of dependencies.
02 Oct 2008 September Link Dump
Typography, spiders, interviews, filters and more.
02 Sep 2008 Open To Abuse?
Spammers ruin everything.
01 Sep 2008 August Link Dump
SQL, mock-ups, music, cakes, propaganda and zombies.
29 Aug 2008 Encode/Decode URL Data As Base64 In PHP
Build cleaner, shorter URLs.
21 Aug 2008 Ditching Donkeywork and Empowering Clients
Nickel-and-diming is a dead end.
21 Jul 2008 Web Site ‘Entrance Exams’
Keeping out the riffraff.
17 Jul 2008 Mid-July Link Dump
Patterns, Flash, comics, words, toilets and more.
19 Jun 2008 Mid-June Link Dump
Movies, geolocation, T shirts, coffee and more.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
05 May 2008 Must… Avoid… Cache/Caching Pun…
Optimisation through reuse.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
09 Apr 2008 A Shinier, Tastier Green Apple
An eco-friendly ecommerce redesign.
25 Mar 2008 Late-March Link Dump
Replies, URLs, comments, security, sci-fi, SPF and caching.
10 Mar 2008 The Dark Art of LOLspeak
With great power comes great responsibility.
26 Feb 2008 The Downside of Uploads
Another extra burden imposed by IE.
19 Nov 2007 World of LOLcraft
By popular demand.
13 Nov 2007 PHP preg Pattern Pitfall
Watch out for those trailing newlines.
26 Oct 2007 In Defence of PHP Short Tags
Questioning the conventional wisdom.
23 Oct 2007 Floral Fashion
Boutique shopping for clothes, lingerie and accessories.
18 Oct 2007 Mid-October Link Dump
Animation, exploits, Morse, Ajax, SEO, games, amputation and beans.
21 Sep 2007 Mid-September Link Dump
Karma, fish, evil, dinosaurs, bugs and more.
24 Aug 2007 DNS Rebinding Nastiness
Zombifying browsers for fun and profit.
18 Jul 2007 Mid-July Link Dump
Disaster recovery, games, PHP, video, messaging and domain names.
04 Jul 2007 The Uncomfortable Truth About PHP
PHP6 isn’t necessarily the best successor to PHP5.
03 Jul 2007 June Link Dump
Russia, XSS, cartoons, movies, notes, colour and cards.
18 May 2007 In a Zen State
Just a brief e-commerce grumble.
27 Apr 2007 April Link Dump
GIFs, colours, templates, demos, clients, CSS, frameworks and maths.
14 Apr 2007 A Framework For Discussion (Of Frameworks)
Acknowledging the difference between applications and sites.
03 Apr 2007 Using HTTP Status Codes
Errors for all occasions.
30 Mar 2007 March Link Dump
Lisa, fluid, stats, Python, brushes, Wii and time off.
12 Mar 2007 Unicode-friendly PHP and MySQL
Getting web applications to think in UTF-8.
28 Feb 2007 February Link Dump
Torquay, Robocop, idents, flowers and more.
20 Feb 2007 Faffing About With Frameworks
Choosing the right foundations to build on.
31 Jan 2007 End-o’-January Link Dump
The new year produced a bumper crop.
28 Jan 2007 $wall->addBrick($you);
Information overload.
24 Jan 2007 Book Review: Building Scalable Web Sites
Sound advice from Flickr’s architect.
28 Dec 2006 End-of-year Link Dump
Using up URLs marked “Best Before End: 2006”.
27 Nov 2006 techlawlifelaunched
A new malevolent-designed site for attorney Jeff Seul.
20 Oct 2006 Vulnerability
Sloppy coding and head-in-the-sand attitudes.
14 Sep 2006 Tweaking WordPress Page Titles
Improve most themes with a snippet of code.
04 Sep 2006 Securing OS X’s Personal Web Sharing
Keep prying eyes away from work in progress.
18 Aug 2006 Setting Up Apache, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess and mod_rewrite in OS X
I think the title says more than enough.
07 Aug 2006 A-Week-Into-August Link Dump
A catchily-titled miscellany of web delights.
24 Jun 2006 WordPress and Yahoo! Hosting Gripes
Warnings for fellow web developers.
04 Jun 2006 May Link Dump
E-commerce, RSI, bogroll, generators, demons and scripts.
23 May 2006 Headdress for OS X
Simplified Apache configuration for web developers.
08 May 2006 Pinging Bloglines
Feed your subscribers faster.
19 Apr 2006 Keeping It Stupidly Simple
Approach nifty interface gimmicks with caution.
16 Mar 2006 Preventing Prefetching
Putting greedy browsers on a bit of a diet.
07 Feb 2006 Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
27 Sep 2005 Software Development Myths
A few misconceptions about programming.
18 Sep 2005 Encyclopedic Internationalisation
Using Wikipedia as an example of I18n best practice.
13 Sep 2005 Email Injection Attacks
Got a contact form? Make sure it’s safe.
04 Sep 2005 Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
29 Aug 2005 Coding Isn’t Important
What makes a good developer?
18 Jul 2005 “RAD Framework, Dude!”
Ruby has been on Rails for a while; now Python has Django.
16 Jul 2005 How About “Up and Atom”? No…?
Feed format hits version 1.0 .
15 Jun 2005 Similar Templating
Using just a dash of server-side coding to build up simple pages.
04 Jun 2005 More XML Goodness from Google and Microsoft
Google Sitemaps and Microsoft Office Open XML Formats.
22 May 2005 Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
27 Mar 2005 Easter Eggs
Sorry, no chocolate. You know it’s bad for you.
22 Mar 2005 March Link Dump
A quick clear-out of this month’s notes.
20 Feb 2005 Moogle? MDoogle?
Search this site’s nooks and crannies.
05 Jan 2005 Remote Scripting for Dummies
Resources for developers getting started with XMLHttpRequest.
15 Dec 2004 Mapped Out
For some reason delivery firms still aren’t making full use of map data.
05 Dec 2004 Have Favatars
Icons for comments, and a strange Microsoft observation.
28 Nov 2004 Reinventing the Wheel
Revelling in the madness of building my own blogging system.
26 Nov 2004 Favatars
A nifty idea for adding little icons to weblog comments.

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