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21 May 2012 Mid-May Link Dump
Ns, sea-monkeys, photos, audio, scams, Rambo and more.
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
17 Aug 2010 AOL Keywords 2.0
Back to the ’90s with Facebook.
30 Jul 2010 July Link Dump
Shirts, URLs, martial arts, cows and more.
29 Jun 2010 June Link Dump
Clickjacking, pensioners, movies, pedantry, blood and more.
15 Mar 2010 Mid-March Link Dump
Scurvy, Twitter, patents, fonts, email, muppets and more.
11 Feb 2010 ReadUnderstandWeb
Please note: this site is not ReadWriteWeb.
28 Jan 2010 Late January Link Dump
Sci-fi, data, comics, robots, dinosaurs and more.
25 Nov 2009 Late November Link Dump
Comedy, ideas, autocomplete, wireframes, DeLoreans and more.
15 Oct 2009 ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
12 Oct 2009 Domain As Identity
Having an online place to call your own.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
26 Jun 2008 What do you mean, you forgot?
Details for the to-do list
18 Oct 2007 Mid-October Link Dump
Animation, exploits, Morse, Ajax, SEO, games, amputation and beans.
24 Sep 2007 Opting Out of Image Searches
How to exclude your pics from being spidered.
21 Sep 2007 Mid-September Link Dump
Karma, fish, evil, dinosaurs, bugs and more.
03 Sep 2007 Bye Bye Bloglines
I’ll be reading feeds elsewhere.
30 Aug 2007 August Link Dump
Video, newspapers, marketing, ideas, bubbles and more.
19 Jul 2007 Analytics Revisited
Trying out the new Google Analytics interface.
03 Apr 2007 Using HTTP Status Codes
Errors for all occasions.
16 Jan 2007 Mid-January Link Dump
A new miscellany for the new year.
28 Dec 2006 End-of-year Link Dump
Using up URLs marked “Best Before End: 2006”.
15 Sep 2006 Going Phishing With Google
A handy security hole for scammers.
14 Sep 2006 Tweaking WordPress Page Titles
Improve most themes with a snippet of code.
12 Sep 2006 ID
“Don’t you know who I am?”
09 Aug 2006 The Evolution of a Name
Even the smallest brands can’t escape from religion and science.
20 Apr 2006 The Blogger Strikes Back
Tools for tackling ‘splogs’.
06 Apr 2006 Accept No Imitation
The evils of the ‘splogosphere’.
12 Mar 2006 All Googled Out
No more AdSense and Analytics for now.
23 Feb 2006 Google Page Creator (BETA, of course)
A bit like a web-based FrontPage v1.
07 Feb 2006 Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
05 Feb 2006 Banning’s Too Good For ’Em
BMW Germany gets caught trying to game Google.
05 Jan 2006 The IMDb Rides Out
Feeding my random trivia addiction online.
03 Dec 2005 AdExperiment
Putting Google AdSense to the test.
28 Nov 2005 Blogging Birthday
A minor milestone slips by unnoticed.
23 Nov 2005 Alexa and Your WHOIS Info
Keeping domain registration details off the web.
21 Nov 2005 Analysing Analytics
Giving Google’s new web stats a try.
09 Nov 2005 Splog Generator
TV theme lyrics should be used for good, not evil
18 Oct 2005 Mid-October Link Dump
Quickly rustled up from miscellaneous leftovers.
11 Sep 2005 The One Dollar Weblog Page
Flogging ads and PageRank in gimmicky ways.
04 Sep 2005 Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
11 Aug 2005 Subject: Ring, Ring
Treat email more like the phone? Huh?
26 Jul 2005 “Kids Love Potter, Jerry”
J.K.Rowling demonstrates how not to use Flash.
11 Jul 2005 Finishing Touches: Search Engine Optimisation
How to avoid throwing away free traffic.
04 Jun 2005 More XML Goodness from Google and Microsoft
Google Sitemaps and Microsoft Office Open XML Formats.
22 May 2005 Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
12 May 2005 No Feline Wordplay Headlines Here
OS X Tiger is pretty good.
01 May 2005 Add Google Maps’ Directions to Your Site
Help people to find you with a simple little form.
05 Apr 2005 Master of Your Domain
Definitely not a ‘Seinfeld’ reference.
04 Apr 2005 How to be Stabbed in the Face
A famous comment-rich weblog entry.
01 Apr 2005 Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
22 Mar 2005 March Link Dump
A quick clear-out of this month’s notes.
21 Mar 2005 RSS Republishing Row
Is putting others’ content on your site OK?
20 Feb 2005 Moogle? MDoogle?
Search this site’s nooks and crannies.
29 Jan 2005 You Are Here
Geotagged weblogs pinpointed by Multimap.
19 Jan 2005 Stripped of Rank
The pros and cons of Google’s new link type.
12 Jan 2005 MSN Search Beta Better
Currently beats Google for inbound links.
06 Dec 2004 Spiderability Testing
An online tool for helping assess search engine optimisation.
14 Nov 2004 The Phony Browser/Search/OS War
A crucial countdown for Mozilla, Google and Apple.

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