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“Reviews” Category

30 Nov 2012 Microsoft Surface RT Review
The good, the bad and the ugly.
05 Jul 2012 iPhone Photography: olloclip & SloPro
A couple of mini-reviews.
11 Apr 2012 Mobile Browser Testing With Real Devices
A rundown of my current setup.
05 May 2010 Flixel Feedback
Mostly positive!
24 Nov 2009 The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky
Not for the subtitle-phobic.
25 Sep 2009 MAMP PRO
An easy way to work locally on multiple sites.
18 Jun 2008 VisualHub To The Rescue
A cheap multi-format video encoder.
11 May 2008 Wii Fit First Impressions
Yeah, it does make you feel silly.
22 Oct 2007 Top 10 Movies at the Internet Archive
BitTorrent not required.
05 Sep 2007 ADSL Microfilters
Better filtering might make a difference.
28 Jul 2007 Mac Backups With Mozy
Protecting data from fire and burglars.
24 Jan 2007 Book Review: Building Scalable Web Sites
Sound advice from Flickr’s architect.
18 Jan 2007 Text Vote ‘Murderer’ To 84466
Nigel Kneale’s vision of the future.
09 Oct 2006 They’re in my base killing my d00d
Not exactly quaking (sorry) in their boots.
17 Aug 2006 Development Developments
I’ve switched, but I promise not to be a smug fanboy.
23 May 2006 Headdress for OS X
Simplified Apache configuration for web developers.
11 May 2006 The Malevolent DVD Awards
Movie highlights from the past year or so.
06 May 2006 Comic Life: A Micro-Review
Another slick little bit of OS X software.
27 Mar 2006 Freshly Squeezed Documents
File Juicer for Mac OS X.
25 Jan 2006 Opera Mini (Operetta?)
A nifty free web browser for your mobile.
08 Aug 2005 The Stanley Kubrick Archives
A lovely big glossy book for film geeks.
04 Aug 2005 Apple Mighty Mouse Review
Loads more buttons, a mini trackball and a daft name.
25 Jun 2005 Sagem PVR6240T Review
A cheap hard disk recorder for UK digital terrestrial broadcasts.
12 May 2005 No Feline Wordplay Headlines Here
OS X Tiger is pretty good.
02 Mar 2005 The Knowledge of All Font
Simple freeware for managing typefaces.
17 Feb 2005 Quick Reviews: iPod shuffle, iLife, and iWork
Playing with more products from Apple.

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