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“News and Current Affairs” Category

21 Jan 2013 New Year Link Dump
A quick catch-up list.
27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
22 May 2012 The Puzzling Thing About Microsoft’s…
Why choose a super-short domain then make it longer?
13 Mar 2012 Bumper Link Dump
A couple of months’ worth.
01 Aug 2011 July Link Dump
Handles, screenshots, 1984, wrestling and more.
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
05 May 2011 Post-Easter Link Dump
Books, fonts, hosting, crypts, skulls and misery.
19 Jan 2011 New Year Link Dump
Comics, freebies, sounds, motivation, fonts and more.
30 Jul 2010 July Link Dump
Shirts, URLs, martial arts, cows and more.
29 Jun 2010 June Link Dump
Clickjacking, pensioners, movies, pedantry, blood and more.
07 Apr 2010 Early April Link Dump
Downloads, zombies, pub lunches, planes, envelopes and more.
01 Mar 2010 Creative Hubs and Consumer Satellites
The two sides of Apple’s range.
18 Jan 2010 Mid-January Link Dump
Prisoners, music, transparency, newspapers and more.
15 Nov 2009 MattFilter
An inspiring web business.
06 Oct 2009 Publishing To The iPhone With Flash CS5
Good news, but don’t get carried away.
29 Sep 2009 Breaking News: Sites Have Breaking News
Over now to our correspondent…
22 Sep 2009 September Link Dump
Demos, tech support, Welsh Jedi, IE6, dating and more.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
26 Jan 2009 Late January Link Dump
Letters, titles, sins, layers and more.
02 Oct 2008 September Link Dump
Typography, spiders, interviews, filters and more.
09 Sep 2008 The End of the World (Wide Web)
Keeping an eye on the LHC.
01 Sep 2008 August Link Dump
SQL, mock-ups, music, cakes, propaganda and zombies.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
07 Mar 2008 Early-March Link Dump
Zombies, information, layouts, maps, pi and more.
14 Dec 2007 iPlayer Goes To Eleven
“Why don’t you make ten a little louder?”
05 Dec 2007 The Barwick-o-tron 3000™
How to select an England football manager.
30 Aug 2007 August Link Dump
Video, newspapers, marketing, ideas, bubbles and more.
23 Apr 2007 Happy Birthday, Speccy
25 years of rubber keys and BEEP.
18 Jan 2007 Text Vote ‘Murderer’ To 84466
Nigel Kneale’s vision of the future.
20 Sep 2006 Designing Conservatively
The complete rebranding of a political party.
22 Mar 2006 The Sound of Wales
No, not a male voice choir or heavy rain.
22 Feb 2006 February Link Dump
Bears, water, politics, web dev and fonts.
23 Sep 2005 Hosting and Hurricanes
It’s easy to forget where your server is in the real world.
12 Jun 2005 Naming Names
A worrying URL, ‘creative’ baby name and oddly-titled theme park ride.
10 Jun 2005 Zap United
New Man U owners’ dodgy dot-com past.
21 Jan 2005 The Man With 1¾ Brains
The barely-believable story of Einstein’s brain.
01 Jan 2005 Information Freed
UK opens up public bodies; government Delete keys looking worn?
24 Dec 2004 Excusing Exclusion
PLCs claim complying with accessibility law is hard work.
30 Nov 2004 Reading the News
Feeding your information addiction with Bloglines.
09 Nov 2004 Access to the Legal System
I love the smell of irony in the morning.

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