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“Marketing and Advertising” Category

13 Mar 2012 Bumper Link Dump
A couple of months’ worth.
14 Nov 2011 Green Christmas Ad Campaign & Competition
“All I want for Christmas is…”
07 Nov 2011 Autumn Link Dump
Support, terminals, GIFs, glitches, cosplay and more.
13 Oct 2011 Virtualised Advertising
Marketing via device drivers.
01 Aug 2011 July Link Dump
Handles, screenshots, 1984, wrestling and more.
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
11 Mar 2011 View Source (Code)
ASCII-based marketing is the future.
04 Feb 2011 Web Dev Link Dump
Humans, logos, emails, collisions, sprites and more.
22 Dec 2010 December Link Dump
Pronouns, monoliths, favicons, scrolling, fonts and more.
06 Dec 2010 Primitive Promoted Trends
Twitter’s global advertising.
01 Dec 2010 November Link Dump
Murder, hashes, PSDs, quotes, awards, errors and more.
25 Nov 2010 Clayton Classics Site and Logo
Building a new brand.
18 Oct 2010 Everyone Wants To Be A Special Snowflake
The selling point of unique.
25 Aug 2010 August Link Dump
Moyles, tangles, triangles, Bieber, Halo and more.
17 Aug 2010 AOL Keywords 2.0
Back to the ’90s with Facebook.
07 Apr 2010 Early April Link Dump
Downloads, zombies, pub lunches, planes, envelopes and more.
29 Mar 2010 When Pugs Fly
Aerial canine billboards.
28 Jan 2010 Late January Link Dump
Sci-fi, data, comics, robots, dinosaurs and more.
18 Jan 2010 Mid-January Link Dump
Prisoners, music, transparency, newspapers and more.
08 Jan 2010 Posting Scores To Twitter From Flash Games
The easy approach.
25 Nov 2009 Late November Link Dump
Comedy, ideas, autocomplete, wireframes, DeLoreans and more.
15 Oct 2009 ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
07 Oct 2009 Eye-catching Rat Catching
Well, I assume it’s stuffed.
05 Oct 2009 Early October Link Dump
Trademarks, profanity, developers, canvas, malware, eels and more.
30 Sep 2009 Portfolio, Meet Weblog
Bridging the divide between site sections.
19 Sep 2009 Malevolent Redesign
The site’s had a lick of paint.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
01 Mar 2009 Compare the Marketing
“I love wail of mongoose as he zap on electric fence”
26 Jan 2009 Late January Link Dump
Letters, titles, sins, layers and more.
07 Nov 2008 Green Christmas
Eco-friendly festive shopping.
17 Sep 2008 Postal Primate
The chimp is dead; long live the chimp.
01 Sep 2008 August Link Dump
SQL, mock-ups, music, cakes, propaganda and zombies.
11 Jun 2008 B-Movie Backups
Predatory plants and online storage.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
20 Dec 2007 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Sega, favicons, crunch mode, idents and more.
12 Nov 2007 Mid-November Link Dump
Science, vectors, cows, animation, poultry, comics and more.
31 Aug 2007 The Tackiest Ad I’ve Seen In A While
I suppose it makes a change from punching monkeys.
30 Aug 2007 August Link Dump
Video, newspapers, marketing, ideas, bubbles and more.
15 Jun 2007 Miscellaneous Advice Link Dump
Just a few links about work and hiring.
02 Jun 2007 May Link Dump
Sickness, security, sound effects and more.
02 May 2007 Cardless
An eco-friendly/anti-social approach to business.
29 Jan 2007 ‘Get a Mac’, UK Style
Advertising localisation from Apple.
16 Jan 2007 Mid-January Link Dump
A new miscellany for the new year.
18 Dec 2006 Celebrity Scribbles
Jeff Bridges’ idiosyncratic approach to web design.
06 Dec 2006 How to Win a Million (More Often)
And make Alex Tew even richer. Bah.
04 Dec 2006 Spam: The Movie
A trick for sneaking video into email.
23 Nov 2006 Taking the Blog Out of Blogging
Blogging about bloggers blogging about blogging. Ugh.
02 Nov 2006
Even text editing software can offend people.
16 Oct 2006 MiSpace
Could Apple already learn something from the Zune?
13 Oct 2006 Telephone Number Usability
Death to (0) !
29 Sep 2006 The Green Apple
Eco-friendly and ethical products galore.
20 Sep 2006 Designing Conservatively
The complete rebranding of a political party.
18 Sep 2006 Selling Jobs
Niche recruitment and job ads with personality.
12 Sep 2006 ID
“Don’t you know who I am?”
07 Sep 2006 “Every Little Rip-Off Helps”
Getting a sense of déjà vu in the supermarket.
13 Aug 2006 Pet Project
Ideas are cheap. This one’s free.
09 Aug 2006 The Evolution of a Name
Even the smallest brands can’t escape from religion and science.
08 Aug 2006 Spam By Name…
The tinned meat people have an email newsletter.
04 Jun 2006 May Link Dump
E-commerce, RSI, bogroll, generators, demons and scripts.
20 Apr 2006 The Blogger Strikes Back
Tools for tackling ‘splogs’.
22 Mar 2006 The Sound of Wales
No, not a male voice choir or heavy rain.
12 Mar 2006 All Googled Out
No more AdSense and Analytics for now.
06 Mar 2006 How Not To Do An Online Presentation
Softest sell ever.
07 Feb 2006 Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
11 Jan 2006 The Lion, The Witch and The Artwork
I’m sure any confusion is entirely unintentional…
03 Dec 2005 AdExperiment
Putting Google AdSense to the test.
20 Nov 2005 The Download Factor
Why aren’t TV talent shows releasing music?
14 Nov 2005 Passing Comment
The tricky task of separating ham from spam.
11 Nov 2005 Mid-November Link Dump
Questions, lunacy, paranoia, goths, vectors, mafia and cooking.
01 Oct 2005 Gizmondo Proves Highly Profitable
Well, it’s certainly lucrative for a few people.
26 Sep 2005 Revving Rev
Unusual coffin transportation and gimmicky church signs.
25 Sep 2005 Spam in Space
Product launches with a difference.
14 Sep 2005 Copywriting That Deserves a Kicking
I’m sure there’s deep meaning in there somewhere.
11 Sep 2005 The One Dollar Weblog Page
Flogging ads and PageRank in gimmicky ways.
05 Sep 2005 Best Corporate Motto Ever
I quote this one far too often.
30 Aug 2005 Download This Weblog Entry for $2.99
The healthy market for ‘casual games’ and digital content.
28 Jul 2005 Yahooulator! Yidgets
Yahoo! sneaks onto the desktop with Konfabulator.
23 Jun 2005 Logo Link Dump
Clearing out my graphic design bookmarks.
01 Jun 2005 Sticky Content
You never know when you might want to glue styrofoam to glass.
10 Apr 2005 Linking With Confidence
Authoritative sources of information on the web.
01 Apr 2005 Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
31 Mar 2005 Totally Sucks, Dude
Better products from Sony, same old rubbish web sites.
10 Mar 2005 Yahoo Marketing
Iffy toolbar bundling by Adobe and Macromedia.
26 Feb 2005 Not Viral, Just Rotten
28 Jan 2005 Penguins, Transformers, Stickmen, and Frogs
Watching TV ads gives me déjà vu.
03 Jan 2005 Design and Branding in a Vacuum
Making cleaning and computing more interesting with good design.
01 Dec 2004 Deck the Sites with Boughs of Holly
Bringing the festive spirit to the web.
30 Nov 2004 Sorry Walkman
Yet another music player lamb to the iPod slaughter?
20 Nov 2004 Focussing on the Reptilian
The perils of using simplistic market research to make decisions.
14 Nov 2004 Packaging Progress
Using metal, PVC and liquid to get the message across.

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