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18 Apr 2012 Mid-April Link Dump
Reading, composing, freezing, browsing, fracking and more.
11 Apr 2012 Mobile Browser Testing With Real Devices
A rundown of my current setup.
05 Apr 2012 Stop Spoofing Emails (Or Do It Carefully)
Does your contact form do this?
25 Oct 2011 Wedding Photography Copyright Revisited
Attitudes are changing, but slowly.
05 Oct 2011 Using MAMP PRO With A Non-Admin Account
A possible workaround for some.
17 Mar 2011 Using The Flash Right-Click Menu For Version And Credits
A simple ActionScript tip.
10 Feb 2011 Cheap’n’Geeky Office Art
Not to everyone’s taste.
06 Jan 2011 It’s Complicated
Tricky details when putting things online.
15 Dec 2010 Zero Instructions
No one likes reading manuals.
03 Sep 2010 Inspired By: Old Time Radio
The importance of tone/mood/theme.
13 Jul 2010 Pause A Flash Game With stage.frameRate
A slightly hacky trick.
24 Jun 2010 Automatic Content Filtering Is ****ing Difficult
Poor old Scunthorpe.
24 May 2010 The First Rule Of Tech Support
“Avoid doing it”?
31 Mar 2010 Who’s The Boss?
Laying down the ground rules.
17 Mar 2010 Login/Log In, Logout/Log Out
“Pedants Corner”/“Pedants’ Corner”
19 Feb 2010 Harnessing Boredom
Or rather the desire to avoid it.
26 Jan 2010 Revolting Listeners
thesixtyone’s controversial redesign.
08 Jan 2010 Posting Scores To Twitter From Flash Games
The easy approach.
02 Nov 2009 Templates For Displaying iPhone Screenshots
A few suitably-sized PNGs.
22 Oct 2009 The Cynical Web Developer’s Manifesto
Three simple tenets.
16 Oct 2009 Using OpenID With Your Own Domain
Delegation’s what you need.
15 Oct 2009 ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
12 Oct 2009 Domain As Identity
Having an online place to call your own.
01 Oct 2009 Optimising Your Web Site (a little) For The iPhone
The quick’n’easy basics.
29 Sep 2009 Breaking News: Sites Have Breaking News
Over now to our correspondent…
25 Sep 2009 MAMP PRO
An easy way to work locally on multiple sites.
03 Mar 2009 Flash Games Finickiness
‘Finickiness’ is a real word, I checked.
21 Feb 2009 Never Trust Clients
The unintentional generosity can be costly.
12 Jan 2009 Setting An Example
Domains reserved for documentation.
15 Dec 2008 Faster Flash
Speeding up games and animations.
04 Dec 2008 Flash Text With Solid Outlines/Shadows
A simple filter trick.
14 Oct 2008 A House of Cards
The perils of dependencies.
26 Jun 2008 What do you mean, you forgot?
Details for the to-do list
06 Jun 2008 Geek Makeover
In movies they just do their hair & remove glasses.
14 May 2008 Saving Memory on Media Temple’s (dv) Hosting
Simple tweaks, big gains.
05 May 2008 Must… Avoid… Cache/Caching Pun…
Optimisation through reuse.
21 Apr 2008 Making Buttons ‘Bobble’
A simple CSS effect.
18 Apr 2008 Interchangeable Form Elements
Same data, different user interface.
15 Apr 2008 Missing Scrollbars In Mac Firefox 3
An obscure but irritating quirk.
09 Apr 2008 A Shinier, Tastier Green Apple
An eco-friendly ecommerce redesign.
10 Mar 2008 The Dark Art of LOLspeak
With great power comes great responsibility.
26 Feb 2008 The Downside of Uploads
Another extra burden imposed by IE.
21 Feb 2008 stropS iiW
Try upside-down with eyes closed?
20 Feb 2008 Using the Vista Fonts Without Vista
Install them in XP for free.
27 Jan 2008 Think Before Doing
Why not keep the planning bit separate?
14 Jan 2008 Get The Wii Internet Channel For Free
It’s a bit of a faff.
19 Dec 2007 Hiding CSS From IE5
A conditional comments example.
12 Dec 2007 Flash’s Custom Stroke Styles
Making lines less plain.
28 Nov 2007
Short answers to simple questions.
13 Nov 2007 PHP preg Pattern Pitfall
Watch out for those trailing newlines.
26 Oct 2007 In Defence of PHP Short Tags
Questioning the conventional wisdom.
24 Sep 2007 Opting Out of Image Searches
How to exclude your pics from being spidered.
05 Sep 2007 ADSL Microfilters
Better filtering might make a difference.
28 Jul 2007 Mac Backups With Mozy
Protecting data from fire and burglars.
11 Jul 2007 Project/Account Management For Dummies
Repeat after me…
23 Jun 2007 Switch to Fast User Switching
No more disputes over that LOLcat wallpaper.
15 Jun 2007 Miscellaneous Advice Link Dump
Just a few links about work and hiring.
07 Jun 2007 “I have new mail…?”
How to get at messages lurking within OS X.
03 Apr 2007 Using HTTP Status Codes
Errors for all occasions.
26 Mar 2007 Typing Curly Quotes, Accents, etc. In OS X
Put that Option/alt/funny-symbol key to good use.
12 Mar 2007 Unicode-friendly PHP and MySQL
Getting web applications to think in UTF-8.
02 Jan 2007 OpenDNS Update
New European servers and cache checking/refreshing.
06 Dec 2006 How to Win a Million (More Often)
And make Alex Tew even richer. Bah.
04 Dec 2006 Spam: The Movie
A trick for sneaking video into email.
31 Oct 2006 Top Ten Timewasting Techniques
How to avoid getting things done.
13 Oct 2006 Telephone Number Usability
Death to (0) !
10 Oct 2006 ISP DNS RIP
Something to try if your surfing slows.
26 Sep 2006 Tooniversity
Learning about/with comics and cartoons.
18 Sep 2006 Selling Jobs
Niche recruitment and job ads with personality.
14 Sep 2006 Tweaking WordPress Page Titles
Improve most themes with a snippet of code.
04 Sep 2006 Securing OS X’s Personal Web Sharing
Keep prying eyes away from work in progress.
18 Aug 2006 Setting Up Apache, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess and mod_rewrite in OS X
I think the title says more than enough.
13 Aug 2006 Pet Project
Ideas are cheap. This one’s free.
03 Aug 2006 malevole Redesign: Front-end Features
So what stuff will people see?
16 Jul 2006 Optimising Email
The neverending quest to make it flexible and reliable.
20 May 2006 Awkward Email
Even the simplest of formats can be surprisingly tricky.
08 May 2006 Pinging Bloglines
Feed your subscribers faster.
05 May 2006 New, Improved Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’
More dragging and dropping.
02 May 2006 Work Less, Earn More
Being busy isn’t a good thing in itself.
01 May 2006 April Link Dump
Dinosaurs, email, stick figures, design, modelling, drums, video, text and clutter.
20 Apr 2006 The Blogger Strikes Back
Tools for tackling ‘splogs’.
19 Apr 2006 Keeping It Stupidly Simple
Approach nifty interface gimmicks with caution.
08 Apr 2006 Serial Scrounger
How much cash will a million people donate?
28 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Aims
What’s the point?
20 Mar 2006 Pranklets
Far nicer than clingfilm on toilet seats.
16 Mar 2006 Preventing Prefetching
Putting greedy browsers on a bit of a diet.
10 Mar 2006 Keeping Flash Active
Internet Explorer update forces changes to sites.
05 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Getting Really Real
A plan for planning a project.
27 Feb 2006 Settling Into A New Home
Fingers crossed after moving hosting firms.
22 Feb 2006 February Link Dump
Bears, water, politics, web dev and fonts.
07 Feb 2006 Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
22 Jan 2006 Flash the Cash
Don’t act too coy about your finances.
14 Jan 2006 Finishing Touches: Prettier Printing
Making sure sites look their best on paper.
02 Jan 2006 New Year Link Dump
Clearing out miscellaneous bits’n’pieces.
23 Dec 2005 iPod USB Charging Problem
Don’t let it screw up the battery life.
26 Nov 2005 Finishing Touches: Avoiding Caching Glitches
Prevent old style sheets from hanging around.
23 Nov 2005 Alexa and Your WHOIS Info
Keeping domain registration details off the web.
16 Nov 2005 Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’
Really simple drag’n’drop scripting.
05 Nov 2005 Finishing Touches: Fonts
Tweaking typography using less obvious font choices.
27 Sep 2005 Software Development Myths
A few misconceptions about programming.
18 Sep 2005 Encyclopedic Internationalisation
Using Wikipedia as an example of I18n best practice.
13 Sep 2005 Email Injection Attacks
Got a contact form? Make sure it’s safe.
08 Sep 2005 Even Fewer Popups with Firefox
How to close a popups-from-plugins loophole.
04 Sep 2005 Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
14 Aug 2005 Finishing Touches: Presenting Feeds
‘RSS’? ‘XML’? ‘All a bit of a mess’?
11 Jul 2005 Finishing Touches: Search Engine Optimisation
How to avoid throwing away free traffic.
15 Jun 2005 Similar Templating
Using just a dash of server-side coding to build up simple pages.
06 Jun 2005 Finishing Touches: Block Quotes
Neatly displaying quoted chunks of content and their sources.
22 May 2005 Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
10 May 2005 To Have and to Withhold
Don’t get screwed by the wedding photographer.
01 May 2005 Add Google Maps’ Directions to Your Site
Help people to find you with a simple little form.
23 Apr 2005 Using Flash’s Local Shared Objects for Good, Not Evil
Add nifty features with Flash’s answer to cookies.
17 Apr 2005 Useful Stuff: Writing
Online tools and resources for spelling, grammar and style.
05 Apr 2005 Master of Your Domain
Definitely not a ‘Seinfeld’ reference.
02 Apr 2005 Finishing Touches: Opacity Rollovers
Add a translucency effect to linked images.
26 Mar 2005 Empty Niches
Has every weblog idea been done already? Not quite…
19 Mar 2005 Minimalist Menus
Keeping interactive systems simple.
28 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Text Inputs
Slightly slicker form styling.
26 Feb 2005 “We’re Doomed!” “Don’t Panic!”
Perhaps I’m a bit too jumpy to be a professional sysadmin.
24 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Permalinks
Fine-tuning weblog entries’s links.
08 Feb 2005 Finishing Touches: Code Blocks
Producing prettier program listings.
13 Jan 2005 Finishing Touches: Emphasis
Highlighting the key point in each weblog entry.
05 Jan 2005 Remote Scripting for Dummies
Resources for developers getting started with XMLHttpRequest.
01 Jan 2005 Finishing Touches: Styled Keys
Applying CSS to the kbd tag to display keyboard controls.
22 Dec 2004 Finishing Touches: External Links
Automatically adding little icons to signpost the emergency exits.
15 Dec 2004 Mapped Out
For some reason delivery firms still aren’t making full use of map data.
03 Nov 2004 Submit Yourself to the Button
Yield! Surrender! Give in to authority!
02 Nov 2004 Gmail Precautions
Keeping your account secure from prying eyes.

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