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“Games and Multimedia” Category

21 Jan 2013 New Year Link Dump
A quick catch-up list.
27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
21 May 2012 Mid-May Link Dump
Ns, sea-monkeys, photos, audio, scams, Rambo and more.
18 Apr 2012 Mid-April Link Dump
Reading, composing, freezing, browsing, fracking and more.
09 Jan 2012 New Year Link Dump
Restarting, reloading, plotting, puzzling, trolling, testing and more.
07 Dec 2011 Almost-End-Of-Year Link Dump
Smells, tweets, dots, spying, toys, dingbats and more.
10 Nov 2011 Marathon Man
Some people can’t resist a challenge.
07 Nov 2011 Autumn Link Dump
Support, terminals, GIFs, glitches, cosplay and more.
29 Sep 2011 “Flishy-Flashy”, A Special 8-Bit Colour
Visual hacks on the ZX Spectrum.
01 Aug 2011 July Link Dump
Handles, screenshots, 1984, wrestling and more.
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
05 May 2011 Post-Easter Link Dump
Books, fonts, hosting, crypts, skulls and misery.
31 Mar 2011 March Link Dump
Climbing, linking, timing, debt collecting, scaling and placeholding.
17 Mar 2011 Using The Flash Right-Click Menu For Version And Credits
A simple ActionScript tip.
04 Mar 2011 February Link Dump
Lifeboats, icons, URLs, goo, war and more.
04 Feb 2011 Web Dev Link Dump
Humans, logos, emails, collisions, sprites and more.
19 Jan 2011 New Year Link Dump
Comics, freebies, sounds, motivation, fonts and more.
04 Jan 2011 Self-indulgent Review of 2010
The highs and lows.
22 Dec 2010 December Link Dump
Pronouns, monoliths, favicons, scrolling, fonts and more.
15 Dec 2010 Zero Instructions
No one likes reading manuals.
01 Dec 2010 November Link Dump
Murder, hashes, PSDs, quotes, awards, errors and more.
31 Oct 2010 October Link Dump
Stupidity, handbags, hover, flabbiness, eggs and more.
23 Sep 2010 September Link Dump
Topiary, games, cookies, comics and more.
07 Sep 2010 1K Chess Showdown
Dramatic stuff.
03 Sep 2010 Inspired By: Old Time Radio
The importance of tone/mood/theme.
25 Aug 2010 August Link Dump
Moyles, tangles, triangles, Bieber, Halo and more.
30 Jul 2010 July Link Dump
Shirts, URLs, martial arts, cows and more.
13 Jul 2010 Pause A Flash Game With stage.frameRate
A slightly hacky trick.
30 Jun 2010 The IT Crowd Game
Roy, Moss and Jen need YOU!
29 Jun 2010 June Link Dump
Clickjacking, pensioners, movies, pedantry, blood and more.
13 May 2010 Been-Too-Busy-To-Blog Link Dump
Crap, colours, songs, Arnie, Jack and more.
05 May 2010 Flixel Feedback
Mostly positive!
07 Apr 2010 Early April Link Dump
Downloads, zombies, pub lunches, planes, envelopes and more.
15 Mar 2010 Mid-March Link Dump
Scurvy, Twitter, patents, fonts, email, muppets and more.
25 Feb 2010 February Link Dump
Rabbits, video, magazines, uploads, hopping and more.
28 Jan 2010 Late January Link Dump
Sci-fi, data, comics, robots, dinosaurs and more.
20 Jan 2010 Point and Shoot
First-person shooter game controllers.
18 Jan 2010 Mid-January Link Dump
Prisoners, music, transparency, newspapers and more.
08 Jan 2010 Posting Scores To Twitter From Flash Games
The easy approach.
07 Jan 2010 Now With Added Alien
A quick site refresh.
23 Dec 2009 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Basketball, trains, cameras, URLs, drops, dolls and more.
16 Dec 2009 The Alien at the Bottom of the Garden
Interactive learning for Channel 4.
25 Nov 2009 Late November Link Dump
Comedy, ideas, autocomplete, wireframes, DeLoreans and more.
04 Nov 2009 Early November Link Dump
Killjoys, 3D, Drupal, SMS, toilet rolls and more.
21 Oct 2009 Mid-October Link Dump
Mags, TV, video, fonts, zombies and more.
09 Oct 2009 E4 ‘Summer of Games’ Round-up
Looking back at how it went.
06 Oct 2009 Publishing To The iPhone With Flash CS5
Good news, but don’t get carried away.
05 Oct 2009 Early October Link Dump
Trademarks, profanity, developers, canvas, malware, eels and more.
27 Sep 2009 Perceiving Video Games
Making sense of gravity, physics and orientation.
22 Sep 2009 September Link Dump
Demos, tech support, Welsh Jedi, IE6, dating and more.
21 Sep 2009 Retro Reunited 2009
This was the real Great North Run!
24 Aug 2009 Janey Thomson’s Marathon Hits Huddersfield
Mash buttons on an arcade cabinet.
17 Jul 2009 Janey Thomson’s Marathon
Get your spare keyboard out.
26 Jun 2009 Captcha Invaders
Prove that you’re human and beat the robot scum
12 Jun 2009 The Rather Difficult Game
Try to tackle three tricky tasks together.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
17 Apr 2009 Mid-April Link Dump
Business cards, polls, games, biorhythms and Skeletor.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
03 Mar 2009 Flash Games Finickiness
‘Finickiness’ is a real word, I checked.
23 Feb 2009 Games-Related Link Dump
Warning: may harm productivity
26 Jan 2009 Late January Link Dump
Letters, titles, sins, layers and more.
23 Jan 2009 Battlefield Body Language
Wii gestures in multiplayer games.
08 Jan 2009 New Year Link Dump
Graves, writing, 404, cars, sounds, cuteness and more.
15 Dec 2008 Faster Flash
Speeding up games and animations.
04 Dec 2008 Flash Text With Solid Outlines/Shadows
A simple filter trick.
02 Dec 2008 Flash Games Link Dump
Seven timewasters.
28 Oct 2008 October Link Dump
Games, fonts, Subversion, slices and more.
02 Oct 2008 September Link Dump
Typography, spiders, interviews, filters and more.
01 Sep 2008 August Link Dump
SQL, mock-ups, music, cakes, propaganda and zombies.
07 Aug 2008 Early-August Link Dump
Idiots, 3D, nonsense, gender, physics and more.
17 Jul 2008 Mid-July Link Dump
Patterns, Flash, comics, words, toilets and more.
19 Jun 2008 Mid-June Link Dump
Movies, geolocation, T shirts, coffee and more.
18 Jun 2008 VisualHub To The Rescue
A cheap multi-format video encoder.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
11 May 2008 Wii Fit First Impressions
Yeah, it does make you feel silly.
01 May 2008 Quizzical
Searching for meaning in daftness.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
07 Apr 2008 Web Design: Surprisingly Static
I’m partly relieved, partly disappointed.
25 Mar 2008 Late-March Link Dump
Replies, URLs, comments, security, sci-fi, SPF and caching.
21 Feb 2008 stropS iiW
Try upside-down with eyes closed?
10 Feb 2008 Mid-February Link Dump
Bear, livestock, dog, pony, lemurs and more.
16 Jan 2008 Mid-January Link Dump
Printing, recording, squatting, fighting and more.
14 Jan 2008 Get The Wii Internet Channel For Free
It’s a bit of a faff.
12 Dec 2007 Flash’s Custom Stroke Styles
Making lines less plain.
23 Nov 2007 Gabocorp: a Flashy Flashback to 1997
Shiny spheres and looped music.
19 Nov 2007 World of LOLcraft
By popular demand.
12 Nov 2007 Mid-November Link Dump
Science, vectors, cows, animation, poultry, comics and more.
18 Oct 2007 Mid-October Link Dump
Animation, exploits, Morse, Ajax, SEO, games, amputation and beans.
21 Sep 2007 Mid-September Link Dump
Karma, fish, evil, dinosaurs, bugs and more.
30 Aug 2007 August Link Dump
Video, newspapers, marketing, ideas, bubbles and more.
06 Aug 2007 Flash Enhancements
11 ways to use it to extend the browser.
18 Jul 2007 Mid-July Link Dump
Disaster recovery, games, PHP, video, messaging and domain names.
02 Jun 2007 May Link Dump
Sickness, security, sound effects and more.
27 Apr 2007 April Link Dump
GIFs, colours, templates, demos, clients, CSS, frameworks and maths.
30 Mar 2007 March Link Dump
Lisa, fluid, stats, Python, brushes, Wii and time off.
28 Feb 2007 February Link Dump
Torquay, Robocop, idents, flowers and more.
22 Feb 2007 PaperVision3D’s Flashy Origami
Chucking polygons around with ActionScript.
15 Feb 2007 Inelegance-Sensing-Man Isn’t Very Catchy
From hearing whines to just whining.
28 Dec 2006 End-of-year Link Dump
Using up URLs marked “Best Before End: 2006”.
17 Dec 2006 Wee Wii Woos
Small console impresses.
It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.
08 Dec 2006 Link Maintenance
Diverting some of the ‘Google juice’.
04 Dec 2006 Spam: The Movie
A trick for sneaking video into email.
28 Nov 2006 November Link Dump
Chicks, nukes, prime numbers and more.
24 Nov 2006 Flash Dance
Anyone drawn Jennifer Beals yet?
31 Oct 2006 Top Ten Timewasting Techniques
How to avoid getting things done.
11 Oct 2006 Mid-October Link Dump
Miscellaneous URLs that were lying around.
09 Oct 2006 They’re in my base killing my d00d
Not exactly quaking (sorry) in their boots.
26 Sep 2006 Tooniversity
Learning about/with comics and cartoons.
10 Aug 2006 Childish Games
Do geeky kids still get into programming?
21 May 2006 Pre-activated Flash
Getting rid of ‘Eolas clicks’.
16 May 2006 The Duh/Wince Code
Maybe I’ve been doing too much Flash ActionScript recently.
09 May 2006 Domesday Data
The tricky business of archiving information.
07 May 2006 Nice Game, Shame About The Name
Challenging my teenage self at obscure coin-ops.
05 May 2006 New, Improved Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’
More dragging and dropping.
01 May 2006 April Link Dump
Dinosaurs, email, stick figures, design, modelling, drums, video, text and clutter.
02 Apr 2006 March Link Dump
A month’s worth of bits’n’pieces.
10 Mar 2006 Keeping Flash Active
Internet Explorer update forces changes to sites.
22 Feb 2006 February Link Dump
Bears, water, politics, web dev and fonts.
31 Jan 2006 January Link Dump
IE, animals, T-shirts, dinosaurs, tooltips, driving, wrapping and a quiz.
24 Jan 2006 New Blood For Bloglines
Some additions to my daily reading.
13 Dec 2005 Processor Cycles
Another one of my crackpot invention ideas.
04 Dec 2005 “I need a blue bubble!”
The strangely compelling game Drifts.
16 Nov 2005 Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’
Really simple drag’n’drop scripting.
02 Nov 2005 Some People Just Won’t Listen to Good Advice
The perils of game development and sequelitis.
01 Oct 2005 Gizmondo Proves Highly Profitable
Well, it’s certainly lucrative for a few people.
21 Sep 2005 Playing with Hazardous Materials
Kids get cool toys nowadays.
19 Sep 2005 World of Plague
Online games need a bit of unintended death, destruction and chaos.
30 Aug 2005 Download This Weblog Entry for $2.99
The healthy market for ‘casual games’ and digital content.
21 Aug 2005 August Link Dump
A clear-out featuring toast, games and more.
12 Aug 2005 Flashy Flash 8
New toys to play with from Macromedia.
26 Jul 2005 “Kids Love Potter, Jerry”
J.K.Rowling demonstrates how not to use Flash.
30 Jun 2005 Indie Racing
Online gaming changes everything for independent developers.
26 May 2005 A 3D Frog That Isn’t Crazy
Pushing Flash, kicking and screaming, into the third dimension.
27 Mar 2005 Easter Eggs
Sorry, no chocolate. You know it’s bad for you.
02 Dec 2004 Bryce 4 Free
3D landscape rendering package on magazine cover disc.
27 Nov 2004 Yahoo!’s Rather Large Youth Club
No smuggled-in cigarettes or cheap cider though.
17 Nov 2004 Suffering for Their Arts
The controversy over working hours in the games industry.
11 Nov 2004 Alpha Pint
A possible brainwave for pubs? OK, perhaps not.
08 Nov 2004 Building Bridges
Civil engineering has never been so much fun.

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