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“Film and DVD” Category

27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
09 Jan 2012 New Year Link Dump
Restarting, reloading, plotting, puzzling, trolling, testing and more.
07 Dec 2011 Almost-End-Of-Year Link Dump
Smells, tweets, dots, spying, toys, dingbats and more.
29 Jun 2011 Peter Pan, The Copyright That Wouldn’t Expire
Inspiration for others?
21 Jun 2011 Midsummer Link Dump
BBSs, geometry, edge, virality, pixels and lots more.
05 May 2011 Post-Easter Link Dump
Books, fonts, hosting, crypts, skulls and misery.
11 Mar 2011 View Source (Code)
ASCII-based marketing is the future.
22 Dec 2010 December Link Dump
Pronouns, monoliths, favicons, scrolling, fonts and more.
01 Dec 2010 November Link Dump
Murder, hashes, PSDs, quotes, awards, errors and more.
23 Sep 2010 September Link Dump
Topiary, games, cookies, comics and more.
30 Jul 2010 July Link Dump
Shirts, URLs, martial arts, cows and more.
29 Jun 2010 June Link Dump
Clickjacking, pensioners, movies, pedantry, blood and more.
13 May 2010 Been-Too-Busy-To-Blog Link Dump
Crap, colours, songs, Arnie, Jack and more.
23 Dec 2009 Pre-Christmas Link Dump
Basketball, trains, cameras, URLs, drops, dolls and more.
24 Nov 2009 The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky
Not for the subtitle-phobic.
27 Jul 2009 July Link Dump
Flashmobs, cruft, Busey, illusions, kludges and more.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
13 May 2009 Jack Cardiff’s Technicolor Shoes
A classic movie snippet.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
19 Jun 2008 Mid-June Link Dump
Movies, geolocation, T shirts, coffee and more.
11 Jun 2008 B-Movie Backups
Predatory plants and online storage.
20 May 2008 Mid-May Link Dump
3D, sessions, fonts, podcasts, ads and more.
16 Apr 2008 Mid-April Link Dump
Eurovision, comics, JavaScript, cards and more.
25 Mar 2008 Late-March Link Dump
Replies, URLs, comments, security, sci-fi, SPF and caching.
22 Oct 2007 Top 10 Movies at the Internet Archive
BitTorrent not required.
03 Jul 2007 June Link Dump
Russia, XSS, cartoons, movies, notes, colour and cards.
18 Jan 2007 Text Vote ‘Murderer’ To 84466
Nigel Kneale’s vision of the future.
18 Dec 2006 Celebrity Scribbles
Jeff Bridges’ idiosyncratic approach to web design.
31 Oct 2006 Top Ten Timewasting Techniques
How to avoid getting things done.
07 Aug 2006 A-Week-Into-August Link Dump
A catchily-titled miscellany of web delights.
05 Aug 2006 Perplexing Multiplex
A usability horror movie.
04 Jun 2006 May Link Dump
E-commerce, RSI, bogroll, generators, demons and scripts.
11 May 2006 The Malevolent DVD Awards
Movie highlights from the past year or so.
11 Jan 2006 The Lion, The Witch and The Artwork
I’m sure any confusion is entirely unintentional…
05 Jan 2006 The IMDb Rides Out
Feeding my random trivia addiction online.
17 Nov 2005 A Slight Snag With Amazon DVD Rentals
We’re supposed to be good at queuing over here.
25 Sep 2005 Spam in Space
Product launches with a difference.
08 Aug 2005 The Stanley Kubrick Archives
A lovely big glossy book for film geeks.
04 Jun 2005 Retro Tablet Computing
So when do we get to buy a HAL 9000?
12 Apr 2005 Amazon DVD Rentals
Initial impressions are mostly positive.
09 Apr 2005 Now Where Did I Leave My Acoustic Coupler…
…I need to use an impractical flashy 3D interface.
20 Feb 2005 Physics Geekery
Destroy the Earth with rubber bands, spuds, and Britney.

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