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29 Jan 2013 15by7: A nice idea spoilt by reality
Super-chunky Twitter pixel art
11 Apr 2012 Mobile Browser Testing With Real Devices
A rundown of my current setup.
04 Jan 2012 Self-indulgent Review of 2011
A good year, but mostly hush-hush work.
14 Nov 2011 Green Christmas Ad Campaign & Competition
“All I want for Christmas is…”
10 Nov 2011 Marathon Man
Some people can’t resist a challenge.
30 Jun 2011 The Search Continues…
Find Your Geek 3.0
13 Jun 2011 Tom Kincaid, Pianist & Composer
A jazzed-up (sorry) site.
04 Jan 2011 Self-indulgent Review of 2010
The highs and lows.
25 Nov 2010 Clayton Classics Site and Logo
Building a new brand.
26 Jul 2010 A New Look for ZenMagick’s Site
Redesign now live.
16 Jul 2010 ANSAC Redesign
Making soda ash prettier.
30 Jun 2010 The IT Crowd Game
Roy, Moss and Jen need YOU!
29 Mar 2010 When Pugs Fly
Aerial canine billboards.
22 Mar 2010 Twittering On
@mattround Waffles for lunch
31 Jan 2010 Happy Birthday To MD
15 years in business. Blimey.
25 Jan 2010 A New Look for ZenMagick
I made a logo and site template.
14 Jan 2010 One Has Designed One’s Site
A book cover and web site combo.
07 Jan 2010 Now With Added Alien
A quick site refresh.
16 Dec 2009 The Alien at the Bottom of the Garden
Interactive learning for Channel 4.
02 Dec 2009 “OK, who chose the myrrh?”
A festive soundtrack.
03 Nov 2009 “You can get less than that for manslaughter!”
5 years of blogging.
09 Oct 2009 E4 ‘Summer of Games’ Round-up
Looking back at how it went.
30 Sep 2009 Portfolio, Meet Weblog
Bridging the divide between site sections.
26 Sep 2009 Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Dot and Shortening
Mucking about with this site’s URLs.
21 Sep 2009 Retro Reunited 2009
This was the real Great North Run!
19 Sep 2009 Malevolent Redesign
The site’s had a lick of paint.
24 Aug 2009 Janey Thomson’s Marathon Hits Huddersfield
Mash buttons on an arcade cabinet.
17 Jul 2009 Janey Thomson’s Marathon
Get your spare keyboard out.
26 Jun 2009 Captcha Invaders
Prove that you’re human and beat the robot scum
12 Jun 2009 The Rather Difficult Game
Try to tackle three tricky tasks together.
14 Dec 2008 W I D E R
The evolution of a layout.
06 Jun 2008 Geek Makeover
In movies they just do their hair & remove glasses.
09 Apr 2008 A Shinier, Tastier Green Apple
An eco-friendly ecommerce redesign.
04 Feb 2008 Yet More LOLcat Nonsense, I’m Afraid
by Miffers Schrodinga
18 Dec 2007 IE5 R.I.P.
It’s the new Netscape 4.
05 Dec 2007 The Barwick-o-tron 3000™
How to select an England football manager.
03 Dec 2007 LOLcat Epidemiology
Which nations luv teh kittehs?
19 Nov 2007 World of LOLcraft
By popular demand.
02 Nov 2007 LOLinator: i can haz websiet?
23 Oct 2007 Floral Fashion
Boutique shopping for clothes, lingerie and accessories.
27 Aug 2007 The Cheque’s Not In The Post
A business milestone of sorts.
02 Aug 2007 I Quit!: One Year On
Twelve months of full-time freelancing.
18 May 2007 In a Zen State
Just a brief e-commerce grumble.
08 Dec 2006 Link Maintenance
Diverting some of the ‘Google juice’.
27 Nov 2006 techlawlifelaunched
A new malevolent-designed site for attorney Jeff Seul.
01 Nov 2006 The Terrible Twos
730 days and counting.
29 Sep 2006 The Green Apple
Eco-friendly and ethical products galore.
27 Sep 2006 “You gotta know when to hold ’em…”
Er, anyone fancy a game of ‘snap’?
12 Sep 2006 ID
“Don’t you know who I am?”
28 Aug 2006 Getting My Nose Back to the Grindstone
This thing with the buttons and glowing screen looks familiar.
17 Aug 2006 Development Developments
I’ve switched, but I promise not to be a smug fanboy.
31 Jul 2006 Not-So-Old Boys’ Network
A ‘shout out to my homies’, web developer style.
09 Jul 2006 I Quit!
Giving up the day job to do my own thing.
21 May 2006 Pre-activated Flash
Getting rid of ‘Eolas clicks’.
06 Apr 2006 Accept No Imitation
The evils of the ‘splogosphere’.
12 Mar 2006 All Googled Out
No more AdSense and Analytics for now.
05 Mar 2006 malevole Redesign: Getting Really Real
A plan for planning a project.
27 Feb 2006 Settling Into A New Home
Fingers crossed after moving hosting firms.
19 Feb 2006 Lilac Leamington
A token web presence for the Midlands’ latest boutique.
10 Feb 2006 The Web Is Rubbish
Go on, get it off your chest.
04 Jan 2006 Feeds, Icons and Orange
Falling into line with Mozilla and Microsoft.
03 Dec 2005 AdExperiment
Putting Google AdSense to the test.
28 Nov 2005 Blogging Birthday
A minor milestone slips by unnoticed.
14 Nov 2005 Passing Comment
The tricky task of separating ham from spam.
13 Oct 2005 Long Time No Blog
12 days is a long time in blogging.
28 Sep 2005 Atom Feed Upgraded
I’ve made the switch from v0.3 to v1.0.
22 Sep 2005 Atom Upgrade
Feed update to 1.0 imminent.
21 May 2005 Daft Domain Up for Grabs
Groan-inducing available for free.
15 May 2005 Rearranging the Weblog Furniture
Just a few unspectacular changes to structure and presentation.
05 May 2005 Tesco’s Latest Acquisition
A magickal colleague heads off for a new challenge.
07 Apr 2005 quoteplay Update
Imminent improvements, and an interesting alternative approach.
13 Mar 2005 This Here Weblog: The Story So Far
Four months of web development trivia.
20 Feb 2005 Moogle? MDoogle?
Search this site’s nooks and crannies.
05 Feb 2005 Link to Audio Excerpts With ‘quoteplay’
Podcast content can be opened up to deep-linking.
15 Jan 2005 Tagged
Feeds modified to support Technorati’s new service.
09 Jan 2005 Insert Suitably-Bad ‘Atom’ Pun Here
Weblog XML feed now also available in the Atom format.
13 Dec 2004 Well Fed
Fattened-up RSS feed now contains full content.
05 Dec 2004 Have Favatars
Icons for comments, and a strange Microsoft observation.
21 Nov 2004 Finding the Right Copyright Copy
Licensing code snippets in articles and weblog entries for others to use.
01 Nov 2004 “Is It Switched On?”
Introducing the Malevolent Design Weblog.

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