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“Accessibility” Category

27 Nov 2012 Catch-up Link Dump
Oodles of URLs from the past few months.
18 Apr 2012 Mid-April Link Dump
Reading, composing, freezing, browsing, fracking and more.
23 Sep 2010 September Link Dump
Topiary, games, cookies, comics and more.
05 Oct 2009 Early October Link Dump
Trademarks, profanity, developers, canvas, malware, eels and more.
01 Oct 2009 Optimising Your Web Site (a little) For The iPhone
The quick’n’easy basics.
02 Jun 2009 Early June Link Dump
Movies, ads, spiders, accessibility, games and more.
09 Mar 2009 Mid-March Link Dump
Comics, URLs, screen readers, books and more.
18 Dec 2007 IE5 R.I.P.
It’s the new Netscape 4.
21 Sep 2007 Mid-September Link Dump
Karma, fish, evil, dinosaurs, bugs and more.
06 Aug 2007 Flash Enhancements
11 ways to use it to extend the browser.
04 Jun 2007 Browsing By Ear
A video introduction to screen reading technology.
05 Aug 2006 Perplexing Multiplex
A usability horror movie.
01 Aug 2006 Geeking Out in the Gardens
Picnic-wielding web developers due to invade Leamington!
09 May 2006 Domesday Data
The tricky business of archiving information.
26 Jul 2005 “Kids Love Potter, Jerry”
J.K.Rowling demonstrates how not to use Flash.
14 Apr 2005 Gmail Basic HTML View
Not as accessible as it should be.
15 Feb 2005 The Flashy Rodent Dilemma
Should I stick with DHTML when redesigning malevole?
24 Dec 2004 Excusing Exclusion
PLCs claim complying with accessibility law is hard work.
09 Nov 2004 Access to the Legal System
I love the smell of irony in the morning.
04 Nov 2004 Shop (Someone) Online
“And I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky web site”

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