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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Catch-up Link Dump

Kracie - happy kitchen #4 - mini hamburger
Grimly fascinating.
An impressive OS X demo crammed into 1KB (bit sluggish on my fairly hefty iMac though).
The Smoothest Con Man That Ever Lived
“…he fashioned several bedsheets into a rope and slipped out the window of the Federal Detention Headquarters in lower Manhattan. Pretending to be a window washer, he casually wiped at windows as he shimmied down the building…”
An impressive range of web browsers available through a Flash-based remote desktop. I’m considering subscribing to cover gaps in my testing coverage.
Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308
Potential geek gift…? (Yes, you can get them on eBay)
A nice little bit of explosive JavaScript.
Pay up
One other aspect that’s rarely mentioned: over time, suppliers charge late payers more to compensate for the trouble.
Kind Hearts and Coronets: Decadent Dennis Price
I have absolutely no interest in fashion, but found this fascinating (partly because it’s one of my favourite films).
Fluent 2012: Brendan Eich, “JavaScript at 17”
Considering JavaScript’s messy, hurried origins, it’s remarkably elegant.
Video: Cubes all the way down: Fez technical postmortem
Insights into a game with a long, painful development process.
An impressive collection of fully free, high quality recordings, plus sheet music and textbooks.
Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor
Fun with polarisation.
The Magical Tech Behind Paper For iPad’s Color-Mixing Perfection
Some careful use of color spaces to create what seems right.
No link left behind
Avoiding link rot is hugely important but usually neglected.
Salted Password Hashing - Doing it Right
With modern GPUs and huge look-up tables, this isn’t as straightforward as it once seemed.
Offline First - A better HTML5 User Experience
Useful code examples.
Meet real people who represent a range of capability
This is a great way of humanising the issues involved with accessible, inclusive design.
Randomly generates impressive-looking maths papers.
Game console browsers
Yes, fellow web devs, it’s yet another set of devices to worry about.
A Sad Announcement from Tiny Speck
Such a shame, but betting on Flash seemed risky even a few years back, and ‘unlaunching’ the game to make major changes was just crazy.
Cleverly uses OpenType features to turn words into symbols.
How Physics Engines Work
Looks like a good introduction for anyone with a reasonable level of maths/coding skills.


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