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iPhone Photography: olloclip & SloPro


This gives you fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses with a single clip-on gadget. Here’s a quick snap taken with the macro, showing the wide-angle lens you have to remove to use it (click for the original, unedited image):

olloclip macro demo

It’s pricey at 50-60 quid, and won’t fit over a case, but clearly well-made and that macro is impressive.


This iOS app lets iPhone 4S users record video at 60fps and then play it back at different speeds, optionally with one of 3 frame interpolation methods (new in v2).

Other devices will only record at 30fps, and even with the 4S you do lose image quality (due to a drop in resolution combined with data rate limits), but it works well and even just halving the speed can be interesting.

Here’s a raw, unedited Quicktime file recorded with the Slow setting (warning: large file) to give you an idea of the output.

SloPro demo

Note that although it’s promoted as a free app, you need to pay to be able to do basic things such as exporting footage.


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