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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-April Link Dump

Turn your MacBook eject key into a rimshot button
Might as well give it some kind of purpose.
Reading Champions: Darren Mackie
A primary school has a professional footballer as one of its ‘Reading Champions’. There’s just one snag…
A fun little musical toy, somewhat simpler than ReBirth.
Detect private browsing mode in mobile Safari on iOS5
The browser’s localStorage behaviour gives away that it’s running in ‘porn mode’.
Tug of Store
A clever realtime site for deciding what’s cool and what’s crap.
“Water is complicated and fascinating stuff! There are at least sixteen known crystal phases of ice”
The Cicada Project Gallery
Most of the examples aren’t very impressive, but the article from last year that spawned this is well worth a read.
Stanley Unwin’s grave
The great man has a rather lovely & appropriate inscription on the headstone shared with his wife.
The most modern web browser available for ageing PowerPC-based Macs.
How Blind People Use The iPhone 4S
It shocks many people that a touchscreen phone can be so accessible.
Shia LaBeouf’s Self-Published Comics May Be a Secret Code from Space
Endearing enthusiasm or celebrity delusion? A bit of both..?
Happy Wheels
Physics-based gameplay with general oddness and dismemberment.
Screenshots of Despair
Yes, it’s a Tumblr site.
js1k 2012
The results are out.
Startups, this is how design works
A beginners’ guide to design and how to use designers effectively.
36 variations of the classic game.
Dangers of Fracking; Inception Explained
Appropriate and well-done examples of the stuff-happens-when-you-scroll-a-long-page thing.


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