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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Almost-End-Of-Year Link Dump

Generate scent-based notifications, e.g. the smell of shit hitting the fan if a load of bug reports come in on a Friday afternoon.
Better Restaurant Websites
Most of these tips apply to most types of site, of course.
Think Up
I’ve been using Tweet Nest but may switch to this & try to port across old tweets (Twitter API shamefully still only supplies the 3200 newest ones).
Kirby dots; Photoshop plug-in
I’ve always loved that effect in comics, but only recently discovered the name. Sadly, the plug-in is Windows-only.
Useful for detecting connections between sites via IP and Google Analytics (have always wondered why Google doesn’t use randomised identifiers).
The 5 Best Toys of All Time
So true.
Erler Dingbats
A free updated set of symbols with more consistent, modern styling.
How to steal in Skyrim
You’ve probably seen it, and apparently the exploit has been patched, but it made me laugh largely from imagining the developers’ reactions (surely a mixture of horror and delight).
Why we’re switching from Flash to Silverlight…
Even Microsoft seems to be accepting that Silverlight is on the way out, but movie studios are forcing streaming firms to use it.
Face Detection jQuery Plugin
I’ve no idea how well it works, but it could be useful for client-side tagging/cutting-out.
Salman Rushdie claims victory in Facebook name battle
This kind of nonsense highlights how ridiculous (and potentially destructive to net culture) real name policies can be.
Ulysses 31 Redux
A lo-fi live-action remake of the original title sequence.
Handy progressive enhancement for unwieldy select lists.


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