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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Autumn Link Dump

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so here’s a mix of new and fairly-old links that caught my eye:

In which Rackspace have Fanatical Support
Somewhat better than the hosting firm that threw a strop when a client of mine told them they were leaving, and then ‘accidentally’ deleted a few files.
VT220 serial terminal connected to Mac Pro
I’ve been considering doing this for a while, ideally with a Wyse 85 (what I mainly used at university).
Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support
Until this issue is addressed, I won’t even consider getting an Android phone.
Sweet GIFs
You could make a strong case for the animated GIF being the web’s true native art form.
AS3 BitmapData Glitch Generator
Create nifty effects by breaking JPEGs.
There is only one Cloud Icon in the Entire Universe
It’s actually quite common, when trying to simplify an illustration down to its bare essence, to realise there aren’t many variations that’ll look appealing and balanced.
Everything I Make With My Makerbot
3D printers are still crude, but progressing nicely.
Credit scores are bullshit; part 2
My score must be terrible, as I’ve barely ever used any form of credit in my entire life.
Subtle Patterns
In the early days of the web, background textures where everywhere, and recently they’ve been creeping back in but with far more subtlety.
Improvements in Windows Explorer
Note: this is not a spoof. They really do think they’ve nailed it.
Do you want to sit down on the Overground during rush hour? Then prepare for war
I love this kind of beanplating.
CSS Zoetrope
Reproducing old tech with new tech.
Game development on the iPad looks fun, but sadly the App Store’s rules mean that users won’t be able to share their creations.
Averia - The Average Font
I actually rather like it.
My Favorite Cosplay at Comic Con
He must’ve done an awful lot of falling over that day.
Stratacut Animation Needs A Comeback
Creating a 3D object that’ll slice down into 2D animation? Mindblowing.
ZEEFAX - Curriculum Vitae of Zef Narkiewicz
The music will give some people flashbacks to watching TV in the early hours.


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