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Using MAMP PRO With A Non-Admin Account

MAMP PRO makes hosting multiple web sites on your Mac for local development much easier, but it’ll only run from an admin account. This is a problem if you’re keen to keep your main working account non-admin for added security.

One simple workaround is to use fast user switching to switch to an admin account, launch MAMP PRO there, then switch back to your main working account. MAMP & MAMP PRO will happily keep running in the background.

If you’ve set MAMP PRO to run Apache/MySQL as the current user then you’ll need to alter file permissions of any files/folders you want to be writeable by the web server (add Read & Write for the chosen admin account). If you were already running MAMP as www/mysql and configured permissions accordingly then you shouldn’t need to change anything.

Obviously this isn’t a fix for those unable to access any admin accounts, and there’s added faff when starting & stopping the servers, but it could be a useful option for some.


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