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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Midsummer Link Dump

Normally I’d whittle it down, but for a change here’s a huge, barely-filtered list:

Telehack; Playable Archaeology: An Interview with Telehack’s Anonymous Creator
An amazing creation, but I’m slightly afraid of exploring it and finding myself.
Etienne de Crecy — No Brain
Geometric music video.
Tim Langdell Loses In Future “Edge” Trial
Don’t miss the bit about the faked floppy disk. Amazing.
A Whole Bunch of Amazing Stuff Pseudo Elements Can Do
Note to self: use these more.
The Godfounder Blog
Virality mechanisms used in web apps, some rather dubious.
Depixelizing Pixel Art
Decent results, although the far-simpler EPX would perhaps get close in quality with a bit of added anti-aliasing.
Common Copy
Boilerplate copy for common web interfaces; could grown into a useful resource.
How to survive as a colourblind designer
I once knew someone who felt they had to abandon their hopes to become a designer as they had serious colour-blindness and everyone kept telling them it’d be impossible.
Flawed Typefaces
Just the other day I had to rule out using a font as it had a Q resembling the one used in Thesis.
JSON: The JavaScript subset that isn’t
A tiny technical detail that catches out a lot of code.
Not particularly useful, but eye-catching.
Making iOS beta distribution as easy as Apple should alread be making it.
The Rise of “Logical Punctuation”.
At the age of 7 or 8 I got told off by a teacher for nesting parentheses 3 deep in a story. I insisted it was logical, and with hindsight was clearly destined to be a programmer.
News from the wacky futuristic world of Bitcoin.
Nice visual style; they’d probably sell millions of copies if it was launching on iOS.
On TermKit
Not sure how useful this will end up, but it’s good that someone’s trying.
By all means use Facebook for ephemeral communication and marketing, but if you rely on it to act as your primary content archive then you’re an idiot.
Mozilla Rejects WebP Image Format, Google Adds it to Picasa
For me, the lack of alpha channel support in WebP rules it out as a worthwhile successor to JPEG.
Lost Type Co-op
A font site with a pay-what-you-want model.
A Flash physics engine extended from Box2D, looks impressive.
A style sheet that tries to produce consistent cross-browser rendering as a starting point.
Ninety gaffes in ninety years
It’s reached a point now where people must be insulted if he doesn’t honour them with an insult.
In defense of CSS hacks — introducing “safe CSS hacks”
A pragmatic look at the techniques available.
Plain Text Offenders
Note that it’s not the fact that sites are emailing passwords that’s the main issue. It’s that any competently-built site secures passwords in a way that means even they can’t ever retrieve them, only reset them.
Generate your own Manic Miner loading screens.
A game created without any JavaScript, using CSS for the interactivity.
NSFA (Not Safe For Arachnophobes)
Media Queries
The snag with ‘responsive design’ is it can be tricky to get right for many site designs, but it’s certainly preferable to just having a totally separate ‘mobile version’.
Mosfilm Online Cinema
Tragically, they’ve opted to use Silverlight to show the films.
A simple jQuery plugin for creating clickable vector maps.
Review: Infinity Blade
Very, very clever.
pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript; jsmad — javascript mp3 decoder
Never tell a web developer that a browser can’t do something…
The multilingual web: A year of non-Latin script domain names
That reminds me, I still have some URL validation scripting to update.
A set of microdata schemas for marking-up web pages to make them more machine-readable. I’m not overly fond of bolting on yet more slightly hacky markup, and various people have already pointed out problems, but if it starts getting heavily used by search engines then it’s going to be a must-have (I’ve already added it to a couple of client sites).


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