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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Post-Easter Link Dump

Is HTML5 Ready Yet?
You have to comb through the source code to get the actual answer. Incidentally, I’m now using HTML5 for all new site builds, although not always the new structural elements such as <section>, <header>, etc.
Strahov Philosophical Library, Prague - 40 Gigapixel 360° Panorama; How it was made
You can zoom into all sorts of details.
Typography in 8 bits; Typography in 16-bits
I spent countless hours creating custom 8x8 fonts on the ZX Spectrum, but it was hard to beat the arcade font oft-used by Namco etc.
Decline, plateau, decline: New data on The Daily suggests a social media decline and a tough road ahead; More data
Whatever the actual subscriber figures, the future of publishing surely isn’t going to consist of exporting hundreds of MBs of JPEGs from InDesign. This kind of thing seems slightly more sane.
Cloud hosting services really are maturing nicely.
Astonishing 1911 census find - Emily Davison in Parliament’s crypt
Davison was misspelt as Davidson.
Corporate Skull
The epic tale of a man, his face, and a photocopier.
Tron Legacy software art
Nice work and some interesting techniques.
Gamification applied to software testing.
320 and up
The ‘tiny screen first’ approach is actually surprisingly hard to get right with most real-world site designs.
A carefully-thought-out colour scheme. For me, it lacks contrast though due to needlessly using exactly the same colours for dark and light backgrounds.
Who’s Suing Who? A Cheat Sheet to the Mobile Patent Mess
That’s keeping an awful lot of lawyers in work.
Making life difficult for awkward users to try to drive them away without explicitly banning.


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