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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

March Link Dump

The creator of QWOP has unleashed another infuriatingly-addictive game.
15 more sites that forbid you from linking to them
If your legal adviser says you need to include this in your terms and conditions, they are an idiot (but don’t describe them that way in case they sue you).
A supercharged version of sfxr; absolutely perfect for creating sound effects for any retro-styled game.
Tests how fast a web page loads from around the world, and has one of the best domain hacks ever.
Anyone ripped this off for a TV ad yet..? sign-up rush exposes risky behaviour of social networkers
I was amazed at how many people did this, especially as they had little idea what on earth the service will do when launched.
DNS Prefetching Implications
You need to be aware of this if creating a popular site that uses numerous subdomains.
Focus North: The School for Hard Knocks
I don’t think I’d seen any of this series before.
Anatomy of a Crushing
Coping well with a sudden influx of users is harder than most developers realise.
A JavaScript library for rendering MathML and LaTeX notation in all major browsers.
Show Me
A great resource collating kids’ activities from museum sites, including at least one game I worked on years ago.
We are IE
A geeky but clearly-explained history of Microsoft’s browser.
BeerCamp at SXSW 2011
A zooming-based interface. See also: TEDxPortland’s clever use of background images.
The Joy of about:blank
For something so minimal, its implementation is bloody complicated.
Cute and fluffy image placeholders.


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