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February Link Dump

An abandoned lifeboat at world’s end
If you don’t find this intriguing then there’s no hope for you.
How government procedures turn small graphics into big costs
I feel sorry for the agency embroiled in controversy over a £585 bill for a favicon; government projects really do force high costs by requiring an awful lot of faffing about.
One of those sites where you find yourself pondering ways to use the products.
Breaking the Web with hash-bangs; Broken Links
As with previous techniques that caused URL-related issues, what this usually comes down to is an awful lot of hacking around for relatively little benefit. Stick with ‘proper’ URLs for important content and gradually introduce the HTML5 History API.
Should I Work for Free?
The answer is always “no”. However, payment is not always monetary, learning new things and promoting yourself can also be valuable.
Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch
Apple really has created a market where everyday users are more than happy to pay for software/content, no one else is getting close in that respect.
Overlook Restaurant Children’s Menu
So that’s how Danny dealt with the maze so well.
MailChimp Launches Simple Transactional Service on Top of Amazon SES
This lets you use Amazon’s new email infrastructure for site-generated emails while simplifying the API and offering pretty stats.
Not necessarily practical to use right now, but an interesting approach.
I re-fight World War Two and lose
Surely the nerdiest thing ever posted on the BBC site..?
My Experience with Kickstarter
It’s great to see it working for small projects like Greg’s as well as the prominent big-budget ones.
Simple HTML5 video player with Flash fallback and custom controls
Er, I’m not sure the word ‘simple’ belongs in that headline. It’ll be ‘simple’ when we only need to use the <video> tag.
The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
This should be shown in schools; I knew most of it but learned a few things.
Inception in C
Slightly too geeky even for me. No, really.
Microsoft Comic Chat did a similar thing back in 1996.


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