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Cheap’n’Geeky Office Art

Like everyone who gets a new office, I swore I’d focus on using it productively and not get distracted by superficial, trivial things. But of course that immediately went out of the window and I started thinking about how to decorate the place.

I was keen to avoid that thing where companies cover the walls with printouts of sites/games they’ve produced, or clients’ logos, and also didn’t want to spend too much money. Here’s what I came up with for my slightly geeky working environment:

Animation cels

You can get some pretty good original cels for surprisingly low prices, often cheaper than mass-produced merchandise. I found a great one of Joe/Jason from Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets (featured here), with an original (but not matching) background, for about 30 quid.


The Red Lion in Hunningham is full of framed comics and inspired me to dig out one of the few I’ve kept from childhood, an issue of Marvel Superheroes from 1980 (I recently bought the next issue on eBay so I could finally find out how the storyline ended!).

Retro hardware

There’s some artwork I’d possibly like to commission for the end wall, but in the meantime a rubber-keyed 48K ZX Spectrum is hanging up there.

Film strips & flyers

My copy of The Stanley Kubrick Archives came with a strip of 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I’ve framed that alongside a small Japanese movie flyer. Both film strips and ‘chirashi’ flyers are dirt cheap on eBay.

Other ideas


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