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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Web Dev Link Dump

When I put together the New Year Link Dump I had so many development-related links I had to save them and build up a separate list:

I quite like this idea and might add it to some sites.
W3C HTML5 Logo
The controversial aspect amongst developers is the bundling of related technologies such as CSS3 under the banner of HTML5.
Introducing Amazon Simple Email Service
Very reasonable pricing, and includes features such as hooking into ISPs’ complaint feedback loops.
2D collision detection
A solid introduction to the topic (although doesn’t include modelling objects as circles, which is often the best option).
HTML5 Games 0.1: Speedy Sprites
Benchmarking browser-based game performance.
Idea Cog’s Foresight
Simon, an ex-colleague, has set up a new company and the first product due out is an interesting-looking management tool for agencies. Windows-only initially, with other platforms “likely to follow”.
We’ll be retiring our support of OpenID on May 1
This doesn’t surprise me; OpenID is just slightly too awkward for both users and site builders, and the big players on the web are too busy fighting for control to help it succeed.
Impact - HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript Game Engine
Flash is still easier and more capable for most game types, but HTML is rapidly encroaching on its turf via libraries like this.
Little Big Details
Highlights small user-interface touches.
SWFSheet; Sprite Sheet Maker
Tools for automating a potentially-tedious task.
Audio Sprites (and fixes for iOS)
HTML5 audio is getting there.
Hiring Front-End Engineers
I’m not convinced about his last point, but otherwise found myself nodding in agreement.


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