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Bolt-on Editing With CushyCMS


I’ve been aware of CushyCMS for years, bearing it in mind as a really easy way to add content management to an otherwise-static site, but only recently gave it a try for a client.

Everything went smoothly and I was rather impressed… until I started typing and pasting-in content. The rich text editor was inserting line breaks instead of paragraph breaks, meaning cumbersome cleaning-up would be required by the client (using Shift + Enter to create paragraphs) to avoid markup and styling snags. That one detail was bad enough to make me investigate rivals and consider abandoning the service as soon as possible, and I know other developers have ruled it out for the same reason.

Anyway, I decided to send the creators an email. Yes, I was bypassing proper support channels and nagging directly like a needy little brat, but it was such a glaring issue in an otherwise-sound product that I felt I ought to. A few days later I got a reply:

We’ve reviewed this and made the change as you’ve suggested.

Hurrah! The rich text editor now works nicely, I’m happy, the client’s happy, and hopefully other users will be happy with the change. I’ll certainly be considering a Pro account if & when CushyCMS proves suitable for more projects.

Update: The change caused problems for some users, so there’s now a setting in the WYSIWYG options to choose whichever behaviour you prefer.


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