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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Self-indulgent Review of 2010

The past year feels like a bit of an oddity; nothing quite turned out as expected and most things didn’t run smoothly.

Amongst various bits of web design and anonymous freelancing, the highlight has to be The IT Crowd Game. I’m not satisfied with how the gameplay turned out, but it was generally well-received and I think it fits into the show’s ‘universe’ pretty well.

Back in 2009 I finally forced myself to do my own illustration for games, and this continued through 2010, particularly with a yet-to-be-released game. It’s not something I find easy, but it gives me far more control and freedom, and it’s always good to broaden your skills.

The main things I didn’t get right are scheduling and the mix of work. Normally I try to firmly allocate only around half my time well in advance, keeping deadlines loose where possible, with the rest getting filled in with business chores, updates for existing clients, and smaller last-minute projects. In 2010 I tried a more conventional approach and it was a disaster, with no flexibility to cope with unexpected problems and tiny (yet still important) items getting squeezed out. I also like to split my time roughly into thirds for corporate freelancing, independent projects and miscellaneous bits and pieces (admin, personal projects, etc.), and didn’t get that balance right either.

So in 2011 I need to steer back towards trusting my experience and instincts more when it comes to how I approach work. It’s looking promising, with good stuff already in the pipeline and interesting new possible projects on the horizon. Oh, and I definitely need to launch a couple of personal projects, the ideas are piling up.

One side of the office

One big change that took place during the year is that malevolent design now has a proper office. It’s a great place to work, with plenty of space for possible future expansion, and I have the world’s nicest landlords.

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