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November Link Dump

Three Cases of Murder clip
Finally out on DVD in the UK, and worth watching just for this third of the film.
Analyst finds flaws in Canon image verification system
So the hashing key is not only easily found within the camera, it’s also shared across each model range? The engineers must have known from the start that this would be easily cracked, and yet Canon went ahead and marketed it as secure and trustworthy.
Get the layers named for $9. A great idea, and I can think of one or two designers who might want to give it a go.
Deconstructing ‘Gimme Shelter’: Listen to the isolated tracks of the Rolling Stones in the studio
For me, The Stones’ mercenary behaviour makes it harder to like them, but this is a fantastic insight.
A search engine for movie quotes, probably created from subtitle files.
Running a C64… under water!
If the old rivalries are still going strong then expect to see someone in the UK submerge a Spectrum soon.
Open Letter to my Friend Zeldman
Apart from anything else, winning an award when you’re one of the judges is just embarrassing, surely?
Kinect GEL Ride
Similar games have always sensibly tried to keep races flowing at the expense of realism, but this is taking it a bit too far, and oddly seems to only work when sitting down.
The Report an Error Alliance
A great idea for some sites, but in many cases comments already fulfill this role.
Downwind Noir: The Record; Ride Like the Wind (only faster)
A wind-powered craft that goes faster than the wind.
CandyBar 2600, Found
Someone made a real game based on Panic’s spoof box artwork.
The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design
I don’t entirely agree with this rant, but I do think that many ad agencies’ processes and structures make it very hard to produce truly good web — sorry, ‘digital’ — work.


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