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Clayton Classics Site and Logo

Earlier this year I was contacted by Clayton Climate Control, who were planning to extend their engineering expertise into restoring and selling classic cars. Starting from scratch, they needed a logo that would be modern while harking back to past eras, and a web site that they could easily update themselves. Most competitors’ sites have either succumbed to clutter or tired clichés (shiny chrome car badges etc.), so we aimed to be a little different.

The resulting site, Clayton Classics, recently went live. The content needs further refinement, and with hindsight I should’ve made some layouts more effective, but hopefully it succeeds in blending old with new to clearly show off what’s on offer. Almost every piece of information can be edited by Clayton via a simple content management system which they took to immediately (I started drip-feeding them a manual, then found they were way ahead of it and using everything!).

Clayton Classics home page


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