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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

October Link Dump

Facelette: On TechCrunch in Three Hours and $0
“More people need to do stupid shit. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Don’t do it to make money. Don’t even do it to learn hip new technology X. Do it for the sake of doing something stupid.”
Handbags at dawn!
End hover abuse now
Hover popups, such as the ‘hovercards’ Twitter used in its previous design, are incredibly annoying.
Flabby Physics
A simple one-button game.
Is This Thing On?
The use of Twitter for blog comments is an interesting experiment, but I think 120 characters is far too restrictive.
The Great Egg Race
I only got to see a few episodes of this when it was first shown, as the rest of my family found it too nerdy.
If you’ve not yet heard of Firesheep, you should read about it simply to be more aware of the security/privacy issue it so effectively highlights.
Machine of Death
An anthology inspired by a Dinosaur Comics strip and put together from open submissions.
A framework for building 2D iOS games
80s Album Art Recreated in CSS
I had a feeling Introspective would be in there.
It’s only fairly recently that I discovered this footage of Phil completing Janey Thomson’s Marathon at Retro Reunited. That medal was well-earned.


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