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September Link Dump

What is Shane Carruth’s A Topiary? (warning: some script spoilers)
Hopefully he’ll get financial backing for his long-awaited follow-up to the superb Primer (the official site is currently just a holding page).
The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games
Some of the machines are very similar to ones I remember playing in the early ’80s.
The Old Man and the C Drive
As zamboni comments, these kinds of sites are What The Internet Is For.
Ugh, the comparison screenshots alone are damning. Hopefully people will tire of handing over money to play these ripped-off Skinner box games.
My First Week with the iPhone
This account from a blind user is actually rather moving, and it still amazes me that a touchscreen device has proved to be so accessible. See also: Rejoining the Apple Family.
An API that uses almost everything it can get its hands on to persist client-side data.
Blade Runner revisited
Nifty idea and great execution.
Evil interfaces designed to trick users. Yes, of course Facebook is featured in there.
Digital Comic Museum
Hundreds of public domain “Golden Age” comics to download.
Bouncing Beholder
A nifty little platform game in 1K of JavaScript.
Westerners vs. the World: We are the WEIRD ones
The dangers of over-generalising about human psychology.
The Digital Agencies of the Future!
Breaking News: advertising people love Flash.
Icons of the Web
Even this site is in there, at the minimum size of course.


As soon as I read the intro of "The Old Man and the C drive" I thought of Sheldon Brown, and there he is at number 2! Still a widely used resource as far as I know, despite him passing away a few years ago!

— morcs, 23rd Sep, 5:14pm

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