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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

August Link Dump
I tweeted it, Rob newslettered it, someone built it.
Be warned, this is deceptively simple and rather addictive.
The origins of abc — Where does our alphabet come from?
Lots of fascinating history and typography in this article.
API Status
Check for slowness and downtime afflicting popular online services’ APIs.
Creating Triangle Arrows in pure CSS
Sadly, Safari doesn’t apply anti-aliasing to border joins.
Justin Bieber’s U Smile 800% Slower
Just in case you haven’t heard this ambient masterpiece.
Why I’m a hybrid. (Like a liger. Or a tigon. Or a Prius.)
It’s good to have broader knowledge and be more self-reliant.
Halo 2600
This isn’t a Flash game made to look old — it’s a genuine Atari 2600 game created in 6502 assembler that’s running via a Flash-based emulator.
Prof. Dr. Style: Vernacular Web 3
Kickin’ it old school in academia.
A font of symbols, allowing you to feature vector icons in web pages via font embedding.
How we publish an online game
I don’t generally get given the time & budget to do this kind of thing, but probably should push harder for it.
Okay, I did it. Edge Edgerson is born.
Some background reading
Scripting 3D in Flash
The examples are in ActionScript 2, but it’s all about the basic principles. More from the same author


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