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July Link Dump

The IT Crowd T-shirts: Season 4 Episode 3 “Something Happened”
Rob and I had no idea what would be in series 4 when we created The IT Crowd game, but Graham Linehan did suggest using Keyboard Cat for the game over sequence, making it match up nicely with one of Roy’s T shirts. See also
Animated URL text
One appropriate use for this comes to mind — for making an asterisk move backwards and forwards in the URLs of a Knight Rider fan site.
Fatal Deviation Trailer
An epic Irish martial arts movie.
South Korea: Super fast, and finally free
For over a decade, ecommerce users were forced to use Internet Explorer.
cows & cows & cows
More lovely work from cow-lover Cyriak.
I know who your name, where you work, and live (Safari v4 & v5)
A pretty nasty privacy hole with the default settings; I think they’ve just patched it.
Quite possibly the first polygon-based 3D Flash game that I’ve found to be smooth and playable.
Icons for iPhone/iPad apps. Further work on the set is being funded via Kickstarter.
A clever combination of Google autocomplete and Blankety Blank.
Old School Color Cycling with HTML5
Using canvas to resurrect palette-based animation.
It’s too late for MySpace
It was clear from early on that MySpace’s messy code, architecture and design would hamper its ability to adapt and attract a wider userbase, and that there was some messy thinking going on within the organisation.


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