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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Been-Too-Busy-To-Blog Link Dump

Most of this stuff is relatively old now, but still worth mentioning.

Your Old Crap Website
“Dredging the internet archives 1996–2001 — Websites then and now”
Sleep Is Death flip book
See if you can guess the big twist. It’s a lovely idea and it’ll be interesting to see how it works out in practice.
Colours In Cultures
Useful information, but I found the circular visualisation rather unhelpful.
We ain’t no hooligans, this ain’t no football song
A MetaFilter post and comments covering the joys and horrors of football songs.
Spectrum Games - Programmer Interview - David M Webb
His books were hugely helpful, and Starion was technically superb. Is it wrong of me to feel disappointed that he ended up becoming a rich banker instead of a struggling indie games developer…? (see also: streaming video on the Speccy)
Total Recall: The Musical
Perhaps not as impressive as the previously-mentioned Predator Rap, but then what is?
Fixed: Size Of The Moon
Boiling Point sounds hilariously muddled.
Mobile browsers list and test advice
The big hassle with thorough mobile testing is having to clutter the place up with numerous devices.
“What The Old Timers Used To Call Cabin Fever”
The evolution of Jack.
Dennis Severs’ House (Wikipedia)
It sounds like it’s perhaps best to visit without reading too much beforehand, to avoid making it all feel too contrived and pretentious.
Unity: Car Tutorial
I really need to have a play with Unity at some point.
If you’ve never visualised Tetris blocks slotting into buildings then you’ve clearly never played Tetris for very long.
BBC R7 & Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household
It’s not often I’ll openly suggest downloading copyrighted material, but the unabridged reading of Rogue Male is too good to not download.


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