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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Early April Link Dump

Improving download behaviors in web browsers
An exploration of the pitfalls and inconsistencies, along with some constructive suggestions.
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
A nicely-packaged new game for the MSX and ZX Spectrum (vaguely related).
Does PDF stand for Problematic Document Format?
Adobe’s overreaching ambitions for the format have resulted in a vast attack surface.
The Red Lion at Hunningham
A refreshingly down-to-earth site (see the FAQs), and the ideal place for anyone who likes to look at ’80s/’90s comic covers while eating.
Facebook May Share User Data With External Sites Automatically
Yep, still sneaky.
Get Lost Revisited
I have no idea how Allen Henderson’s brain copes with developing these huge multiple-choice adventures.
Plugging the CSS History Leak
This long-standing privacy hole is fiendishly difficult to address, and there are some probing questions in the comments.
Turn-based aerial combat that’ll lure you away from working.
Google Envelopes, Beta Of Course
If people used these to send me things then delivery drivers might manage to leave them at the right place for a change.
Meet skipfish, our automated web security scanner
Looks useful, especially for securing old web applications built without inherent protection from common threats.
Child vampire hunters sparked comic crackdown
So let me get this straight: hundreds of armed kids in a graveyard hunting a 7ft vampire with iron teeth… and no one has made this into a movie?


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