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Twittering On

It’s still common to mock/deride Twitter for being trivial, a site full of lunch descriptions and meaningless waffle… and that’s largely why I like it. I’ve been tweeting regularly for a couple of years now, and in that time have ditched or neglected sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

As well as the lack of pressure to make meaningful pronouncements, the clarity about privacy, the simplicity of the concept, and the flexible ways ‘conversations’ of different scales arise, it’s also refreshingly anti-social. There’s no “Can I be your fwend?”-type nonsense or categorising relationships, just the broad, neutral concept of following, which works fine for a close friend, business contact or celebrity. It’s not for everyone, and initially only a handful of people I knew were on there, but it’s become an interesting and useful form of communication for me.

Anyway, I’m on there as mattround if you’d like to follow me, but be warned, I have been known to tweet lunch descriptions and a fair bit of meaningless waffle.


Waffles for lunch? Sounds good.

— Bev, 23rd Mar, 9:22am

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