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February Link Dump

In Almost Every Picture #8, Oolong
The famously-tolerant rabbit finally makes it to print.
60 minute website audit
A checklist that’s a handy starting point for assessing a site.
Sinclair ZX Days
Behind-the-scenes product development material. Abandoning the ‘Joy doughnut’ was probably a good idea.
A native 2D iPhone framework, based on the Flash API.
Open letter to Google: free VP8, and use it on YouTube
The web desperately needs an open video format, but even if Google does this there could be years of strong patent challenges to deal with.
Mayor of the North Pole
This highlights just how horribly difficult it is to protect a web site from spam. Foursquare can throttle/ban suspiciously busy accounts, but there’s no way they can distinguish a real check-in from a fake one.
Life Below 600px
For me, the key thing to consider is whether you want to lead the visitor on a journey down the page before making choices, or present the main options immediately.
Classic Games Crusader - The Newsfield Years
A documentary about the publishing firm behind Crash, Zzap!64 and Amtix. A teacher confiscated my copy of issue 1 of Crash and never gave it back. I still hate her.
Clients From Hell: No-right-click script
I’ve encountered this kind of reasoning, and it’s always difficult to know what to say.
A nifty upload hander that uses Flash/Gears/HTML 5/Silverlight/BrowserPlus to add features.
Bobby Van - Take Me To Broadway
The bouncy inspiration behind the Happiness and Come As You Are videos.
How to make The Internet (from The IT Crowd)
If you have no idea what this is referring to then you need to track down The IT Crowd, Series 3, Episode 4, “The Speech”.


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