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Happy Birthday To MD

Today marks the 15th anniversary of setting up my own business. How time flies, it seems like only yesterday (or perhaps the day before) that I applied for Enterprise Allowance to create a job for myself.

I’ve decided against holding a glitzy, celeb-laden party, but it’s a milestone worth mentioning, if only to give me a kick up the arse to achieve more in the next 15 years.


Big congrats Matt!

— Jay McGuinness, 1st Feb, 11:47am

But if you did have a glitzy, celeb-laden party, which celebs would you invite?

— Bev, 5th Feb, 4:27pm

- The bloke who says "Wonga!" in the Envirofone ad
- Ex-members of girl band Vanilla
- Guy Goma
- The three fans Brian Clough punched during a pitch invasion
- Gary Clegg, inventor of the Slanket
- Mr. Udigawa from Neighbours

Only the best would do.

Matt Round, 6th Feb, 1:29pm

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