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Point and Shoot

Having played Modern Warfare: Reflex (seemingly no official/authoritative pages out there to link to?!) and been impressed with what Treyarch’s squeezed out of the underpowered Wii, I was surprised by some of the reviews. Several grumble about aiming at things with the Wiimote, claiming it’s ‘jumpy’ or awkward and wishing they could use a stick, which I think is more indicative of what they’re used to than of any problem with the game (it actually works well and is an intuitive/accessible way to play an FPS).

Anyway, we have to accept that dual-analogue-stick controllers are what avid gamers expect and prefer, and so I’m seeking funding from the Ministry of Defence for a new gun. FPS-loving youngsters heading into the armed forces will be able to strap it to their bodies and use a game controller to aim precisely instead of having to awkwardly wave the gun around to point at things.

The Guntroller XPS3603


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