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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-January Link Dump

Prisoner in Portmeirion
The other day I was thinking that Portmeirion would make a superb multiplayer level for an FPS; turns out someone did it years ago.
Music tracks generated from 140 characters of code. Oddly, Twitter doesn’t seem to be involved.
CSS Background Transparency Without Affecting Child Elements, Through RGBa And Filters
A clever workaround, but unfortunately IE filters are slow and screw up text rendering.
Matthew Lyons Illustration Blog
Some really nice faux-retro work.
Internet Advertising Ready To Take More Money Away From Newspapers
Many ad agencies and their clients haven’t yet adjusted to changes in media habits; internet advertising is still often treated as a last-minute bolt-on.
gordon (demos)
A Flash player written in JavaScript. The world’s gone mad, I tell you.
The Third & The Seventh (site; making of)
A slickly-rendered bit of CGI (with a few non-CGI elements) featuring music (and some inspiration) from Gattaca.
Generate PDFs from web pages (including CSS) via PHP. I haven’t used it yet but might need to for a client project.
French Anti-Piracy Organisation Hadopi Uses Pirated Font In Own Logo
Ah, the sweet, sweet irony.
App warms your hands by overheating your iPhone
I don’t know whether to admire the ingenuity or just marvel at the sheer stupidity.
Newspaper Club
An imminent service allowing anyone to create their own printed newspapers. I’ve got something in mind that this might be useful for…


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