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Posting Scores To Twitter From Flash Games

It’s great to give games things like high score tables and social networking integration, but there isn’t always time for server-side coding or working out how to hook into a third-party service. Here’s a really simple feature that can help players to publicly share their scores and thereby promote the game.

Twitter allows the contents of a tweet to be prepared by putting it on the end of

The user has to be logged in and click the ‘Tweet’ button to post it, but there’s no authentication/API faff, just a simple URL.

So when someone plays a game and is presented with their score, you can show a ‘Post to Twitter’/‘Challenge Friends On Twitter’ button that when clicked does something like

// ActionScript 2
	escape('played '+gameTitle+' '+shortUrl+' and scored '+score+' #'+hashTag),

// ActionScript 3
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(''+
	encodeURIComponent('played '+gameTitle+' '+shortUrl+' and scored '+score+' #'+hashTag)),

to generate a tweet along the lines of

played Captcha Invaders and scored 12345 #captchainvaders

Obviously it’s not a seamless experience, and the score can be freely edited, but it’s incredibly easy to implement and may encourage players to spread the word.


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