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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

  1. Remember when anyone and everyone who was net-savvy derided AOL’s walled-garden parallel web, where they had centralised control of a broad range of their subscribers’ online activity? Seeing an increasing amount of content (and identity) going into Facebook makes me uncomfortable.
  2. The privacy settings have always seemed designed to expose as much personal information as possible without shattering the comforting illusion of a private social network, and the new settings don’t seem to be any better. I’m not paranoid about privacy and happily publish all sorts of stuff online, but it all feels a little sneaky.
  3. The way applications access personal information (including friends’ apps getting your data) is fundamentally (and intentionally) careless, and now seemingly can’t be completely disabled. If Microsoft built something as widely-used that allowed a similar free-for-all there’d be an outcry.
  4. I’m too old and anti-social to get much out of it (not enough to outweigh the above uneasiness and the urge to reduce clutter by having fewer accounts, anyway).

(Oh, and you can actually delete your account rather than merely deactivating.)


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