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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Early November Link Dump

Party Pooper Mode
Another sad (but understandable) concession to humourless people who try to squeeze the fun out of everything.
Lou’s Pseudo 3d Page
A geeky run-down of the tricks and techniques used in old driving games. Goes Drupal
As Tim O’Reilly says, it’ll help promote wider use of open source.
Piracy and the App Store
The speed and scale is quite surprising for a device that isn’t jailbroken by most users.
Some really stylish fonts I’ll have to remember to consider for future designs.
Google Groups is Dead
No spam filtering or anti-spoofing measures? Wow.
Pay-What-You-Want Birthday Sale Wrap-up
I would’ve bought World of Goo when it came out, except the demo was actually too generous and left me feeling I’d played it enough.
Weird Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures by Junior Jacquet
I’d have linked directly to the artist’s site if it didn’t consist of only a single page made from images and a huge PDF catalogue.
Instantly set up a UK SMS shortcode (so you can say things like “Text MYTHUMBACHESFROMTYPINGTHIS to 82958”). Could be useful for some offine projects, especially as it allows you to retrieve any info submitted following the main word.
Comic strip mashups
Is there a Garfield spoof that doesn’t improve on the original?
Web Open Font Format backed by Mozilla, type foundries
I still don’t think that fonts should have special treatment, but it seems a compromise format is needed.
Podcasting Equipment Guide (2009)
Clear recommendations for different levels of user.


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