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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Mid-October Link Dump

Strange snippets from those magazines that lurk at supermarket checkouts.
The iPhone version has superb quality and doesn’t require a login; it’s surely too good to last.
Apple’s Got a New Video Format: iFrame
I can understand the thinking behind a middle-ground spec that strikes a compromise between quality and hardware requirements, but setting an HD camera to use it by default just seems wrong.
Create a font from your own handwriting (other sites have offered this before, hopefully this one works a bit better).
Breaking links
A very annoying quirk that seems to be related to Safari’s event-handling (links within iframes also don’t work properly with middle-click).
A templating language that compiles down to PHP.
Zombie project REVEALED!
Some nice touches like the list of usernames and photocopying zombie.
Video on the Web
We’re still some way from being able to use the video tag without faff.
Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back
More dating-related number-crunching from OkCupid.
@font-face and performance
Some quite major differences across browsers.
TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit
Anyone fancy organising a whip-round to launch something daft/cool into space?


Reading the TubeSat site I can't help thinking they send your bean tin to be thrown off a cliff (self-decaying orbit) by a burly rugby player (IOS Spaceport Tonga)

morcs, 21st Oct, 12:53pm

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