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malevolent design weblog

October 2009

1st Optimising Your Web Site (a little) For The iPhone
The quick’n’easy basics.
2nd The “Hello World” Of The ’80s
As seen in all electrical shops.
5th Early October Link Dump
Trademarks, profanity, developers, canvas, malware, eels and more.
6th Publishing To The iPhone With Flash CS5
Good news, but don’t get carried away.
7th Eye-catching Rat Catching
Well, I assume it’s stuffed.
8th Anticipating The Future Of Online Privacy
And future embarrassment.
9th E4 ‘Summer of Games’ Round-up
Looking back at how it went.
11th crApp Store
Some of these probably already exist.
12th Domain As Identity
Having an online place to call your own.
13th Preserving and Emulating That ’90s Look
The Web Design That Time Forgot.
15th ‘Decommissioning’ Online Marketing Campaigns
Reuse and recycle.
16th Using OpenID With Your Own Domain
Delegation’s what you need.
21st Mid-October Link Dump
Mags, TV, video, fonts, zombies and more.
22nd The Cynical Web Developer’s Manifesto
Three simple tenets.

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