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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Dubya-Dubya-Dubya-Dot and Shortening

I finally got around to removing the www. from this site’s URLs to make them a bit shorter and tidier. Hopefully everything has changed over smoothly, the only glitch/side-effect spotted so far is duplicated unread blog posts in feed readers (probably due to using each post’s URL as its unique ID, which is something that should never change; sorry).

I’ve also implemented short URLs for blog posts, despite hating URL shortening and giving Twitter dirty looks for popularising it (forcibly shortening URLs that happily fit into 140 characters is infuriating). Sadly, shortening is rife and offering your own URLs might at least give some control, especially if more tools/services start using autodiscovery (which currently seems split between rel="shorturl", rel="shortlink" and rev="canonical"). I’m not sure if the extra clutter (visible short URLs and ‘Post to Twitter’ links) will stay.


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