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September Link Dump

In-Depth: The Hidden Demo Riches Of Assembly 2009
Muon Baryon and Elevated are stunning for 4KB (including music) demos.
Support Details
Handy for collecting OS, browser, IP, etc. from non-technical users.
Jedi religion founder accuses Tesco of discrimination over rules on hoods
The Force is strong in north Wales; last year a drunk Darth Vader assaulted someone in Holyhead.
Microsoft backs long life for IE6
This wins the award for Most Depressing Headline Of The Year For Web Developers.
Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message
Desperate people are already sending messages mentioning a zombie vegetarian metal band they’re really into.
If you had a ZX Spectrum and have an iPhone then you’ll probably want to download this from the App Store.
Music Sales
Annoying that there aren’t proper axes, but it still shows how the music industry isn’t going to be able to replace diminishing CD sales with increasing downloads.
Let’s make the web faster
Some great optimisation tips from Google.
“Pup” Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe
Lovely use of large images and horizontal scrolling.
A resignation letter with a difference.
The HTML5 drag and drop disaster
Reading between the lines, I’m picking up subtle vibes that he’s not entirely happy with it.


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