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Janey Thomson’s Marathon Hits Huddersfield

JTM cocktail cabinet

Thanks to Gordon Sinclair, Mat Corne and E4, anyone attending Retro Reunited (Huddersfield, 12th-13th September) will be able to have a play on one of two arcade cabinets running Janey Thomson’s Marathon!

Gordon generously sent me a couple of free tickets, so I might go along to watch people staggering away from the game with only partial use of their lower arms remaining.


Hello matey. Long time no speaky. Hope you're well.
Congrats on the E4 stuff. I'm rubbish at them.
Is this the actual machine it'll be played on? Won't it be kind of tricky with the joystick and buttons round the side?

— David Maris, 25th Aug, 11:43am

ps, bring back malevole.

— David Maris, 25th Aug, 11:44am

Yeah, it'll be a bit weird side-on, but I suppose it'll give spectators a better view (one of the machines will be the right way round but is a table-top thing rather than proper cabinet).

Matt Round, 25th Aug, 2:07pm

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